CLF Applauds New England Governors for Energy Agreement

Conservation Law Foundation Applauds New England Governors’ Agreement to Modernize and De-carbonize Region’s Energy Sector

Laurie O'Reilly

Karen Wood, CLF: (978) 857-5389

BOSTON, MA  December 6, 2013 – In response to the agreement issued today by the governors of the six New England states to work together to prioritize a cleaner, more efficient and climate-conscious energy system in the region, Conservation Law Foundation issued the following statement from Jonathan Peress, Vice President and Director, Clean Energy and Climate Change:

“Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) welcomes the governors’ efforts and plan to bring new cleaner energy resources and advance technology turnover in New England,” said Jonathan Peress, Vice President and Director, Clean Energy and Climate Change. “Our region is at an inflection point. The fossil-fuel power plants designed and built 50 or more years ago are no longer nimble or efficient enough to serve the needs of people and communities. New England has been on the vanguard of technology-driven change in our energy sector. The initiative announced by the governors today, if done properly, can provide New England with the more modern, lower-emitting and more flexible resources needed to address climate change. In addition, newer technologies can better empower customers to manage their energy use, which increases energy efficiency and economic vitality. CLF looks forward to continuing to bring a strong voice into the governors’ energy initiative to ensure that the outcomes facilitate a low-carbon, sustainable-energy future.”

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