CLF Launches Truth Squad Campaign Shining Light on Dirty Energy Money Behind Opposition to Cape Wind

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‘Cape Wind Now’ Aims to Ignite Public Support to Push Cape Wind Over the Finish Line

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BOSTON  October 3, 2012 – 11 years after it was first proposed, Cape Wind is still not built and Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) wants the public to know why. In a new campaign called Cape Wind Now, launched today, CLF promises to shine a bright light on the connections between Bill Koch, his fossil fuel interests, and the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound, the principal opponent to Cape Wind. The campaign website at reveals the legacy of dirty energy leadership and dollars fueling the Alliance as it continues to pursue its obstructionist strategies with coal and oil baron Bill Koch at the helm.

John Kassel, CLF president, said, “This is a battle where powerful, entrenched dirty energy interests have pitted themselves against emerging clean energy. It is a fight for the people of Massachusetts to have the green energy jobs they want and the home-grown energy they need, when they need it.”

The newly launched Cape Wind Now website features detailed accounts of the Alliance’s relentless efforts to block Cape Wind. In a blog post entitled, “An Unholy Alliance,” Cape Wind Now documents the Alliance’s most recent scheme of quietly funding the Town of Barnstable’s anti-Cape Wind litigation. Public statements reflect that Koch’s Alliance pumped $355,000 into a special gift account established by the Town Council for the sole purpose of funding its Cape Wind litigation, with the funds to be “managed and expended according to the wishes and instructions of the donor.”

Cape Wind Now will continue to pull back the curtain on the Alliance and its financial connections to Koch and his company Oxbow, a dirty energy mining monolith and active polluter. The site invites visitors to show their support for Cape Wind by pledging to stand with Cape Wind Now, and will engage supporters to share the truth on Facebook and Twitter.

Despite having lost nearly every lawsuit, appeal and administrative challenge it has waged against Cape Wind in the past decade, the Alliance continues to pursue every conceivable legal, regulatory and political means available in its scorched-earth effort to stop Cape Wind. Although increasingly far-fetched, as in the recent effort to prompt a congressional inquiry into the Federal Aviation Administration’s fourth straight determination that Cape Wind does not pose a threat to air traffic safety, the Alliance’s seemingly endless efforts nonetheless continue to delay Cape Wind from being built.

“Cape Wind Now seeks to inform and mobilize the people of Massachusetts and beyond about the forces that are depriving them of Cape Wind’s long-awaited and much-needed environmental, public health and economic benefits,” said Sue Reid, VP and director of CLF Massachusetts. “Enough is enough. We can’t stand by and let dirty energy billionaires call the shots about our energy future here or anywhere else.”

Cape Wind Now’s supporters also include leading environmental organizations, labor and public health groups, including at launch: Boston and New England Maritime Trades Council, Cape & Islands Self Reliance, Clean Water Action, Environmental League of Massachusetts, Environment America, Environment Massachusetts, Greenpeace, IBEW Local 223, National Wildlife Federation, and Toxics Action Center.

Conservation Law Foundation has been actively involved in Cape Wind advocacy since the project was first proposed over a decade ago. Along with leading local, state, regional, national and international environmental organizations, CLF has worked to ensure that the project’s environmental review was fair, rigorous and timely, and insisted that the project’s benefits outweigh its impacts to natural resources, including wildlife and habitat. CLF continues to fight for responsibly-sited clean energy projects like Cape Wind that reduce harmful pollution and contribute to a thriving New England.

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