CLF Statement on Deepwater Bill Vote

Brian Barth

Karen Wood, CLF, (617) 850-1722 or
Tricia Jedele, CLF, (401) 351-1130 or

PROVIDENCE, RI  June 11, 2010 – In response to this week’s votes by the Rhode Island legislature to approve an amended version of the “Deepwater Bill,” Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) issued the following statement by CLF Vice President and Rhode Island Advocacy Director Tricia Jedele:

“Getting renewable energy projects up and running in Rhode Island is critical to our economy and achieving our state’s climate goals, however, it is just as important that we do it right,” said Tricia Jedele, CLF vice president and director of its Rhode Island Advocacy Center. “The Sub-A version of the Deepwater Bill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that stands to do more harm to renewable energy development over the long term than it does good. While the amended bill makes some important changes to the prior version, it still does not address CLF’s and other stakeholders’ concerns about the process needed to appropriately weigh renewable energy projects. Moreover, it has been rushed to a vote, without sufficient time or opportunity for public review and comment.”

Jedele continued, “We call upon the General Assembly to consider the reasons behind the large body of opposition to this bill, namely that it is specifically crafted to favor a single project with a single developer. CLF and other renewable energy advocates seek a process that is fair and open, creates a level playing field for all developers, and a rigorous system of checks and balances to ensure that by advancing beneficial projects, we are not incurring undue environmental or other risks. We urge the General Assembly to listen to its constituents and vote down the Sub-A version of the Deepwater Bill.”