CLF Ventures, Peregrine Energy, New Hampshire Regional Planning Commissions and Clean Air-Cool Planet to Collaborate on Federally Funded Project to Help New Hampshire Municipalities Boost Energy Efficiency

Brian Barth

CONCORD, NH  March 25, 2010
CLF Ventures, a non-profit affiliate of Conservation Law Foundation, and Peregrine Energy Group, a leader in energy efficiency and renewable energy development, announced today that they have been selected by the New Hampshire Office of Energy and Planning (OEP) to jointly develop and implement an outreach and technical assistance program to increase energy efficiency in municipalities throughout the state. CLF Ventures and Peregrine Energy also announced that they will engage the state’s regional planning commissions and the non-profit Clean Air-Cool Planet to help implement the project, building on existing energy planning efforts in the state and creating jobs for New Hampshire.

The $2 million project is funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Energy and Community Block Grant (EECBG). The selection was approved Wednesday by New Hampshire’s Governor and Executive Council.

Joanne Morin, director of the OEP, said, “This is more than just a one-time grant of federal stimulus funds – it’s an investment in New Hampshire’s future. New Hampshire municipalities are already making strides in energy efficiency. With this comprehensive and coordinated effort, we will create new jobs and expertise to expand that capacity and begin to realize the economic and environmental benefits of using less energy as an integral part of the state’s clean energy strategy.”

The 30-month project is intended to provide New Hampshire’s 234 towns and 10 counties with customized strategies and the technical services they need to build their energy efficiency plans.  From web-based tools that allow municipalities to measure their energy use and track their progress to services that include building analyses, renewable energy assessments and strategies for financing, the program will provide New Hampshire with a robust suite of resources that can be used across municipalities.

“We are excited to work with OEP, the regional planning commissions and Clean Air Cool Planet to promote energy efficiency in New Hampshire,” said Jo Anne Shatkin, managing director of CLF Ventures. “By engaging municipalities on a broad basis and making it easy for them to participate, regardless of their size or current status, the state is utilizing stimulus resources wisely to advance sustainable energy planning and coordination. These efforts are the linchpin of our clean energy future in New England.”

“The potential payoff for municipal energy efficiency programs is significant, but achieving that payoff can be an incredibly complex process,” explained Paul Gromer, president, Peregrine Energy Group. “Our unique combination of tools and services is designed specifically to simplify that process and make it easy for New Hampshire communities to refine and achieve their energy efficiency goals. We applaud New Hampshire’s commitment to energy efficiency and are pleased to be part of such a game-changing initiative.”

Morin continued, “We are looking forward to working with CLF Ventures and Peregrine. They have both the strategic view and deep tactical expertise to get this done right so New Hampshire municipalities can continue to benefit long beyond the project’s completion.”

The project will get underway immediately, with a completion date of September 2012. Additional program details will be forthcoming within a few weeks. For more information about the program, please contact Eric Halter of CLF Ventures at (603) 225-3060.

About CLF Ventures
CLF Ventures, Inc., the non-profit consulting affiliate of the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), develops innovative solutions to energy and environmental challenges for government agencies, corporations and non-profits. CLF Ventures works with clients and engages stakeholders to improve environmental and financial performance, in all phases of operation. CLF Ventures work furthers CLF’s mission to conserve natural resources, protect public health and promote vital communities throughout New England.

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Founded in 1992, Peregrine Energy Group provides strategic and technical services and products that support public and private organizations and companies on a broad range of energy supply, demand, and management issues. With a client base that spans local and state government entities across New England, as well as industry, Peregrine Energy Group is uniquely positioned to help local communities to make sense of and use complex energy data as they develop and implement comprehensive energy plans.

Peregrine Energy Group delivers proven expertise in the areas of energy efficiency and renewable energy project development and management, as well as a deep knowledge of the policies, programs, and resources available from utility companies and other sources that support energy projects at the municipal level. Offerings include community energy and climate program development; program and project management; portfolio and building-level energy auditing, analyses, and planning; utility information management and performance benchmarking; and monitoring and verification of cost savings.

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