Conservation Law Foundation Applauds Masssachusetts DPU’s Approval of NStar’s Agreement to Purchase 27.5% of Cape Wind’s Power

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Landmark Offshore Wind Project’s Extensive Public Benefits Cited in Commissioners’ Decision

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BOSTON, MA  November 26, 2012 – In response to today’s decision by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (MA DPU) to approve NSTAR’s power purchase agreement with Cape Wind, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) issued the following statement from Sue Reid, VP and Director, CLF Massachusetts:

“Today’s decision is another giant step toward the finish line for Cape Wind,” said Sue Reid, VP and Director, CLF Massachusetts. “The DPU once again cited the project’s significant environmental and economic benefits for the Commonwealth in making its decision, as it did when it approved the National Grid power purchase agreement in 2010. These benefits include emissions reductions that will help the state meet its greenhouse gas reduction requirements, increased fuel diversity, reductions in the wholesale price of electricity, and a hedge against volatile fossil fuel prices, among others. Indeed, it is not surprising that the DPU found Cape Wind to provide unique benefits for Massachusetts, which leads the nation in its efforts to build a clean energy economy.”

Reid continued, “With more than 75% of its power sold through approved long-term contracts and all of its necessary state and federal permits in hand, Cape Wind can proceed confidently toward its goal of beginning construction in 2013.”


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