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Conservation Law Foundation Applauds Passage of Major Transportation Finance Law, but Warns ‘The Patient is not Healed’

BOSTON, MA  July 26, 2013 – Capping a year-long effort to secure major funding for Massachusetts’ ailing transportation systems, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) applauded Wednesday’s passage of a $600 million per year finance package over the next five years, but warned that the legislature will need to revisit the topic again within a couple of years to begin to solve the systems’ longstanding problems.

“The package now signed into law provides MassDOT with much-needed funds to stabilize the patient, but falls far short of what was required to heal the patient,” said Rafael Mares, CLF staff attorney. “Thanks to Governor Patrick’s leadership, the legislature’s hard work, and the tireless efforts of a sea of transportation advocates and activists, we have secured a significant down payment on addressing the state’s massive and persistent transportation funding crisis. However, we can expect to be revisiting this issue within approximately two years. There’s more work to do and more courage and commitment required to get beyond the status quo and create the reliable, affordable, modern transportation system the Commonwealth wants and needs.”

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