Conservation Law Foundation Statement on Executive Changes at PSNH

Jason Shemenski

Karen Wood, CLF, (978) 857-5389

CONCORD, NH  July 12, 2013 – In response to today’s announcement that PSNH President and COO, Gary Long, will be stepping down, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) issued the following statement from Jonathan Peress, VP and Director, Clean Energy and Climate Change:

“This action presents a new day for addressing the significant ratepayer and environmental flaws in PSNH’s energy production strategy and the Northern Pass project,” said Jonathan Peress, VP and Director, Clean Energy and Climate Change at Conservation Law Foundation. “CLF, along with New Hampshire communities and businesses, has had many disagreements with PSNH’s business strategies under Mr. Long due to the unacceptable and unnecessary environmental and ratepayer impacts of the company’s reliance on expensive and obsolete fossil fuel power plants. In addition, the company has failed to recognize that the current Northern Pass proposal forces gratuitous burdens on New Hampshire’s people and communities. With this transition, Mr. Long and Northeast Utilities management have a renewed responsibility to engage in a real dialogue on acceptable alternatives. We look forward to working with the company and other stakeholders to find solutions which contribute to, rather than detract from, New Hampshire’s vitality and quality of life.”

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