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Conservation Law Foundation Statement RE: EPA’s Proposed Greenhouse Gas Emissions Limits on New Power Plants

Jason Shemenski Jason Shemenski

Karen Wood, CLF, (617) 850-1722

BOSTON, MA  September 20, 2013 – Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) applauded today’s release by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of proposed new limits on greenhouse gas emissions for new power plants as critical to reducing climate pollution. CLF noted that, although the new rules will have less of an impact in New England than in other parts of the country, New England’s example shows that adhering to the Clean Air Act and enacting controls on greenhouse gas emissions is both good for business and smart planning for climate change.

John Kassel, President of Conservation Law Foundation, said, “The emissions limits proposed by EPA are critical to reducing the climate pollution that is raising sea levels, increasing extreme weather events and imposing devastating consequences on people and countries around the globe.

For the past ten years, actions by the northeast states and countless power plant owners in the region have demonstrated that reducing greenhouse emissions is not only good environmental policy, but also enhances the region’s economic prosperity by more efficiently and cost effectively making and using electricity. Our long experience in decreasing electric sector greenhouse gas emissions in New England, while also reducing energy costs, has blazed a path for EPA to follow in implementing the requirements of the Clean Air Act.”

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