Conservation Law Foundation Statement on Massachusetts Department of Energy Low Demand Scenario Study

Laurie O'Reilly

Study Ignores Impacts on New England’s Growing Clean Energy Business

Carol Gregory

December 23, 2014, BOSTON, MAConservation Law Foundation (CLF) released the following statement today in response to the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) “Low Demand Scenario” study. CLF released the statement based on preliminary findings presented by DOER last week. The study will be released next week.

“Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) is disappointed with the scope and conclusions of the Massachusetts Department of Energy’s Low Demand Scenario study. The Department of Energy has stacked the deck with a study designed to justify the Patrick Administration’s attempts to build public support and financing for natural gas pipeline development and large-scale Canadian hydropower imports,” said Greg Cunningham, Interim Program Director of Clean Energy and Climate Change, Conservation Law Foundation.

“The Department of Energy based their study on unrealistic and overly conservative data regarding energy efficiency and renewable energy options, and looked only at the actions of Massachusetts isolated from other New England states. In addition, the study’s representation of a hypothetical new natural gas pipeline vastly understates the likely costs to consumers. It should also be noted that the pipeline cost assumptions used in the study reflect an incremental, lift and replace pipeline expansion with a high utilization rate, not a new greenfield pipeline project,” continued Cunningham.

“Rather than contributing objective data and analyses to the region-wide conversation about New England’s energy future, the Department of Energy Resources study cheerleads natural gas pipeline development and large-scale Canadian hydropower imports without regard for the climate implications or their impacts on New England’s energy markets and growing clean energy business.”

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Note: While a representative from DOER told reporters on December 22 that the study release would be delayed until next week, the administration released a formal notice to stakeholders on December 23 that the study’s release is delayed until an unknown future date. CLF looks forward to reviewing any changes in the final study made from the preliminary results presented on December 18.

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