In First-Of-Its-Kind Model, New England Governors Announce Regional Procurement Plan for Renewable Energy

Ben Carmichael Ben Carmichael

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) Applauds Bold New Plan To Bolster Renewable Energy

Burlington, VT July 30, 2012 – In response to the announcement made today at the annual New England Governors’ Conference in which the New England States launched a first-in-the-nation program creating a regional  market for clean renewable energy, Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) issued the following statement by John Kassel, CLF President:

“Today New England took a critical step to protect our environment and create a thriving economy in the face of the growing challenges of a changing climate,” said John Kassel, CLF President. “By acting together in creating a guaranteed regional market for renewable power, New England once again set a national example by acting boldly in moving our region toward a sustainable, thriving future.”

This announcement follows years of preparation and study about the idea of regional procurement. In the absence of a coherent federal renewable energy policy, states have once again provided leadership by shaping and building new markets. New England in particular has consistently demonstrated national leadership by being the first to establish regional carbon reduction programs like the Regional Green House Gas Initiative (RGGI), as well as other initiatives. In this case, as in other times throughout New England’s history, a regional approach has proven to be the best approach.

“By working jointly to unlock the potential to build wind and solar across New England the states can lower the cost of this critical and much needed transition to a clean energy future,” said Seth Kaplan, VP for Policy & Climate Advocacy. “Our climate, our economy and our future all require that we take action to tap into our clean renewable resources and this program will help us move in that direction in a concerted and effective way.”

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