Conservation Law Foundation Statement On US Interior Secretary Jewell’s Offshore Wind Auction Announcement: Meaningful Leap Forward To Seize Unparalleled Opportunity

Jason Shemenski

Emily Dahl,
Conservation Law Foundation,

June 17, 2014,  Boston, MA – In response to US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell’s announcement today at the Wind Technology Testing Center in Charlestown, Mass., regarding the launch of the process for auctioning 742,000 acres for offshore wind project sites, Conservation Law Foundation issued the following statement:

“This is a meaningful leap forward for New England and the nation to seize the unparalleled renewable energy opportunity of offshore wind,” said Sue Reid, Vice President of Conservation Law Foundation and Director, CLF Massachusetts. “Because of the sheer scale of offshore wind energy’s potential, it has unmatched ability to displace the dirtiest and costliest energy generation on the grid. It is an essential building block of our clean energy future—one that can deliver wide-ranging environmental and public health benefits while boosting our regional economy.”

Conservation Law Foundation works to advance responsibly sited offshore wind energy and has been deeply involved in advocacy with regard to the Cape Wind and Deepwater Wind energy projects. CLF has also spearheaded efforts with offshore wind developers and partner organizations to develop innovative agreements that protect valuable marine resources as offshore wind projects are deployed.

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) protects New England’s environment for the benefit of all people. Using the law, science and the market, CLF creates solutions that preserve natural resources, build healthy communities, and sustain a vibrant economy region-wide. Founded in 1966, CLF is a nonprofit, member-supported organization with offices in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. Visit us at and follow us on Twitter @theCLF.

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