Statement On Obama Administration's Our Ocean Conference

Conservation Law Foundation Statement On Obama Administration’s “Our Ocean” Conference Announcements

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Emily Dahl,
Conservation Law Foundation,

June 17, 2014, Boston, MA – This week the Obama Administration is convening a two-day conference of global leaders to discuss and recommend actions that will improve the health of America’s and the world’s oceans and coasts. The Obama Administration is focusing on significant problems of ocean health such as the need to protect ocean habitat and to reduce the effects of climate change and ocean acidification. The President is expected to announce this afternoon that he will seek to extend the area of protected ocean under U.S. jurisdiction in the Pacific Ocean.

Conservation Law Foundation has been deeply involved in advocacy around gaining national protection for New England’s valuable marine resources. CLF’s Director of Ocean Conservation, Dr. Priscilla Brooks, offered this statement on President Obama’s expected announcement:

“Conservation Law Foundation is pleased to see the attention that the Obama Administration is now placing on the health of the world’s oceans. In New England our ocean and coasts require similar attention to ensure that they are appropriately protected against the impacts of climate change and restored from decades of excessive fishing and unplanned use. President Obama’s actions this week to protect the health of the Pacific Ocean underscore the need for New England’s leaders to address the ocean challenges in our region with great urgency.

So little of New England’s ocean is currently protected, yet right now special places like Cashes Ledge remain at risk from new commercial trawling, despite historically low fish populations which need protected habitat to recover. Our region needs and is ready for new clean energy sources, and the tools provided through the National Ocean Policy can be better used to bring ocean users’ groups together and establish a New England-based industry that delivers clean energy, local jobs and protects our ocean’s health. The impacts of rising sea levels, more intense storms and the changing chemistry of our ocean can only be addressed with the type of leadership we are seeing this week. CLF thanks President Obama and his Administration for the action they are taking this week and we encourage continued focus on making New England’s ocean health challenges a national priority.”

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