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CLF Press Releases and News Clips

Press Releases
Boston School Bus Operator Settles Clean Air Act Lawsuit

“This settlement is a major win for cleaner air in Boston communities,” said Heather Govern, Director of CLF’s Clean Air and Water program. “Toxic tailpipe pollution threatens the health of our most vulnerable neighbors and contributes to the climate crisis. With increased training and monitoring at bus lots, Transdev will be better able to stop excessive bus idling and the spread of this harmful pollution.”

News Clips Providence Journal
Providence oil facility poses a severe environmental risk

We don’t have time to wait for Shell Oil to get around to fortifying this dangerous facility. The families and businesses that call the Washington Park neighborhood of Providence home are at risk of being inundated with a stew of toxic chemicals, oil and ethanol, which would change their neighborhood and Narragansett Bay forever.

Press Releases
Entangled Right Whale Spotted Off New Jersey Coast

“Tragically, this is yet another dead whale swimming,” said Emily Green, Senior Attorney at CLF. “Entanglements in fishing line basically torture the whale to death and pose one of the greatest threats to the recovery of this species. Right whales can be saved, but we must make difficult decisions to protect them now or else witness their demise.”

Press Releases
Environmental and Legal Groups Sue DOJ, EPA for Ending Decades-Old Practice In Which Polluters Fund Environmentally Beneficial Projects

“This policy reversal is a slap in the face to communities battling pollution,” said Heather Govern, Director of CLF’s Clean Air and Water program. “Communities of color have suffered for decades with dirty air and unsafe water, and supplemental projects help right these wrongs. Such an unlawful scheme cannot be allowed to stand.”

News Clips Worcester Telegram
Opinion: It’s time for state support for regional transit in Worcester and beyond

Regional transit authorities provide a lifeline to millions of riders across the state. Our legislators must commit to funding these crucial pieces of infrastructure so they can continue to deliver necessary services for essential workers in Greater Worcester and throughout Massachusetts.

Press Releases
Poll Finds Water Pollution a Critical Issue for Cape Residents

“Wastewater pollution is one of the greatest issues facing Cape Cod,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “We’ve known for decades that this pollution is destroying the Cape’s bays and ponds and threatening to drag property values and the economy down with it. Residents clearly understand the urgency of this crisis, and it’s about time our officials to end the pattern of do-little and delay and commit to solving the problem. ”

News Clips Boston Business Journal
Op-ed: Health care organizations should support access to healthy food

Covid-19 has laid bare the profound impact that your neighborhood has on your health. People in low-income communities of color with higher levels of pollution and overcrowded housing are being sickened and killed by the virus at much higher rates.

Press Releases
Fishery Managers Adopt 100% Monitoring Plan

“Atlantic cod is one of New England’s most iconic fish and it is in peril,” said Allison Lorenc, Policy Analyst at CLF. “Establishing a new understanding of catch through 100% monitoring will provide scientists and managers with the information they need to prevent overfishing and help species like cod recover to healthy populations. A sustainable fishery must be based on accurate data, and the fishery management council demonstrated their commitment to that today while also minimizing the economic burden on the industry.”

News Clips Alex Kuffner, Providence Journal
Judge OKs lawsuit claiming environmental threat at Providence waterfront fuel terminal

“Today’s decision means we will have our day in court on unlawful Shell decisions that left Providence families and all of Narragansett Bay at imminent risk of catastrophic oil and toxic chemical spills,” CLF President Bradley Campbell said in a statement. “The company has for years deceived regulators and the public about the global and local risks of the climate crisis.”