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CLF has experts available throughout New England on a variety of local, regional and national issues, including climate change, clean water, environmental justice, ocean conservation and renewable energy. For more information, see our list of experts and contact Jake O’Neill.

CLF Press Releases and News Clips

Press Releases
Maine Governor Unveils Climate Legislation

“The devastating impacts of climate change are at our doorstep,” said Greg Cunningham, Vice President and Director of CLF’s Clean Energy and Climate Change program. “Drastically reducing our climate-damaging emissions is the only way to avert these looming economic, social and environmental disasters. This bill will push Maine to do just that. After eight years with a climate denier in the governor’s office, we have real climate leadership from Governor Mills.”

News Clips Madeleine List, Providence Journal
Brayton Point cooling towers’ demolition draws watch-parties, celebrations

“This is a landmark, this is a symbol of pollution that has been destructive in this community for over 50 years,” said Amy Moses, Rhode Island director and vice president of the Conservation Law Foundation, which filed suit along with other environmental groups against Brayton Point Power Station in 2013.

News Clips WPRI
Q&A: Brayton Point Tower Background

Sean Mahoney, executive vice president of the Conservation Law Foundation, joins WPRI live on Eyewitness News This Morning to discuss the Brayton Point coal plant demolition.

Press Releases
Brayton Point Cooling Towers Imploded

“The last symbol of dirty coal in Massachusetts has come tumbling down, and a coal-free New England is within our reach,” said Sean Mahoney, Executive Vice President at CLF. “Brayton Point spewed toxic pollution into nearby communities for decades, sickening residents and devastating our environment. Now residents can literally breathe easier as clean, renewable energy will rise out of the rubble of this dirty, polluting dinosaur.”

News Clips David Abel, The Boston Globe
NOAA panel backs sharp curbs on lobster lines that imperil right whales

“Reducing and weakening the lines in the water is a start, but we need to go much further, much faster,” said Erica Fuller, a senior staff attorney at the Conservation Law Foundation, which has sued NOAA in an effort to force the agency to take more aggressive action to protect right whales.

Press Releases
Right Whale Protections Recommended at Stakeholder Meeting

“As we speak, there are two whales entangled in fishing gear 100 miles from this meeting,” said Erica Fuller, Senior Staff Attorney at CLF. “New England’s iconic whale can be saved if we’d simply stop allowing them to be killed year after year. Reducing and weakening the lines in the water is a start, but we need to go much further, much faster. Appropriate closures and ropeless fishing need to be part of the solution.”

News Clips Laura Crimaldi, The Boston Globe
Brayton Point cooling towers in Somerset to come crashing down

“You don’t often get to see concrete examples of the changes that we’ve been working on for decades,” Mahoney said. “You’re blowing up the towers that made it barely acceptable for that facility to burn coal.”

News Clips Fred Bever, Maine Public Radio
Innovations In Fishing Gear Could Change The Lobster Industry To Help Endangered Right Whale

“We need to get lines out of the water if we are going to protect the North Atlantic right whale,” says Emily Green, a lawyer at the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF), one of several groups suing the federal government for better protections of the whales, protections that they say are mandated by the Endangered Species Act.

News Clips Meredith Goad, Portland Press Herald
The Counselor: Legal Food Hub helps farmers and food entrepreneurs navigate legal issues

“We’re committed because we see that farmers and food entrepreneurs play a critical role in our community, so by supporting them we’re able to promote a sustainable and just food system,” Turner said. “For CLF, that’s really important because that means it helps create a healthy climate and a healthy environment, but also a strong economy in Maine.”

News Clips Living on Earth
Exxon Sued Over Climate Risks of Storage

And in the event of a catastrophic spill, yes, Exxon will bear some costs. But the public will also be bearing a heavy cost. The families and businesses that will have oil and toxics flowing through their basements and into their homes, they will be bearing a cost. The taxpayers of the region, who paid billions to clean up Boston harbor, which is now a jewel of economic and urban rebirth here in Boston, they will suffer a terrible cost.