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News Clips Patty Wight, Maine Public Radio
Federal Fishery Managers Must Issue New Right Whale Protection Rule By Next May

“The North Atlantic right whale is in a really perilous position, hovering on the brink of extinction. And the sooner that we can get new protections in place, the better chance we have to protect it.” While the lawsuit had asked for a new rule by January, Green says the May deadline is still a victory.

Press Releases
Judge orders deadline for new North Atlantic right whale protections

“The survival of the species cannot wait for endless debate on new protections,” said Erica Fuller, senior attorney at CLF. “The judge made it clear that the federal government needs to go back to the drawing board and meaningfully address all of the impacts of the lobster fishery on right whales. Today’s ruling will put a stop to the government’s endless foot-dragging on implementing new long term protections.” 

News Clips Barbara Moran, WBUR
EPA Moves To Reduce Runoff That Feeds Toxic Algae In Charles River

The Charles River has been hit by toxic algae blooms almost every summer in recent years. The blooms — which can be dangerous for people, pets and the river’s ecosystem — are fed by hot sunny days and storm runoff containing nutrients, especially phosphorus.

Press Releases
Vermont Regulators Consider New Toxic Chemical Rules

“We should never have to wonder if the water coming out of our taps is safe,” said Jen Duggan, Director of CLF Vermont. “The federal government has utterly failed to protect us from these toxic forever chemicals, so it is up to Vermont to take action. Vermonters must make their voices heard and tell regulators to put standards in place that get all of these chemicals out of our water once and for all.”

Press Releases
Protecting the Charles River from Polluters

“Polluted stormwater is poisoning the Charles River, leading to blooms of dangerous algae,” said Heather Govern, Director of CLF’s Clean Air and Water program. “The blooms can sicken humans and pets which means boat and swim races are increasingly cancelled in the summer months and people are unable to use this precious resource. Large properties surrounding the Charles River have gotten a free pass to pollute for too long, and now’s the time for EPA to finally hold them accountable.” 

News Clips Alex Kuffner, Providence Journal
Shell seeks dismissal of suit alleging climate-change threats to Providence fuel terminal

“Climate change is real. The impacts of climate change are actionable,” Chris Kilian, a lawyer for the foundation, said at a hearing in the case on Thursday. “Climate change is already having documented and major impacts in Rhode Island and, more specifically, has been identified as a present and increasing threat in the Port of Providence.”

News Clips Geoff Spillane, Cape Cod Times
Barnstable, Willowbend Country Club face potential lawsuits

The environmental advocacy organization says it intends to sue the town of Barnstable and Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee for violating the federal Clean Water Act by discharging and adding pollutants into Lewis Bay and Popponesset Bay. The foundation sent notices to Barnstable and Willowbend on Wednesday, calling for both to put in place proven technology to significantly reduce nitrogen pollution or it would file lawsuit

Press Releases
Cape Cod Facilities Contributing to Scourge of Toxic Algae

“Cape Cod’s bays and ponds are facing disaster,” said Chris Kilian, Vice President of Strategic Litigation at CLF. “As these facilities continue to dump harmful levels of nitrogen, the climate crisis is warming these waters and making them even more susceptible to toxic algae outbreaks. We will continue to hold these polluters accountable until every last one has stopped pouring pollutants into waters that belong to all of us.”

Press Releases
Vessel Speed Limits Needed to Protect Endangered North Atlantic Right Whales

“Right whale recovery has been plagued by two major threats: entanglements and vessel strikes,” said Erica Fuller, Senior Attorney at Conservation Law Foundation. “In the Northeast, we’ve been addressing entanglement risks for several years, and we must address the risk of ship strikes. Preventing entanglements but not vessel strikes is like paying your mortgage but not your taxes. You need to do both if you want to keep your house.”

Press Releases
Massachusetts House Passes Critical Environmental Legislation

“The science is clear: we only have a few years to avert a climate disaster and protect the marginalized communities that are bearing the brunt of its devastating impacts,” said Caitlin Peale Sloan, Acting Massachusetts State Director at CLF. “It is now for the House and Senate to move together, with urgency, to pass this historic legislation. Only then can we hold the Commonwealth accountable for slashing climate-damaging emissions and giving residents a say in what happens in their own communities.”