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Press Releases
New Legal Challenge to Federal Right Whale Rule Filed

“Fishermen should be recognized for the changes they have made to protect right whales from extinction, but we have much more work to do,” said Erica Fuller, senior attorney at Conservation Law Foundation. “The existence of an entire species is at stake, and we must keep pressing forward. Fishery managers must take immediate action to reduce entanglements and we look forward to standing up for right whales in court to make sure they do.”

Press Releases
Brookfield Sued For Repeatedly Breaking the Law and Killing Endangered Atlantic Salmon

“Maine can achieve a healthy Kennebec River that supports expanding fish populations and meets the needs of riverfront communities, including the continued operation of the SAPPI paper mill in Skowhegan. This future is only possible if Brookfield stops violating the law and starts to play a constructive role in solving the problems its four dams cause. Instead, the company is spreading fear and misinformation and violating one of America’s landmark environmental laws.”

News Clips Caitlin Andrews, Bangor Daily News
Environmentalists sue Kennebec dams’ owner, alleging endangered species violations

“Maine can achieve a healthy Kennebec River that supports expanding fish populations and meets the needs of riverfront communities,” the environmental groups said in a joint statement. But such a future would be possible only if Brookfield agreed to work constructively with the state on how to fix fish passage issues, they said.

News Clips The Providence Journal
Opinion/Campbell: Preparing for the next Henri

Henri must be a wake-up call for our community and for companies like Shell. We must confront the impacts of the climate crisis. Flooding and sea level rise are only going to get worse. Now is the time to prepare for these impacts and mitigate the potential damage, not after a neighborhood and iconic waterway are inundated with toxic chemicals.

News Clips Montpelier Times Argus
Weekly Planet: Climate-resilient future needs ambitious metrics now

In the decade since Irene, Vermonters have shown a tremendous capacity to rise to the challenge of becoming more resilient, just as we have in responding to the challenges of COVID. We cannot afford to lose pace. Adopting clear metrics for resilience and adaptation to accompany the Global Warming Solution Act’s emissions reductions targets would help ensure we are doing everything possible to slash our greenhouse gas pollution and create a climate-resilient Vermont.

Press Releases
Mass. AG Allows Fuel Tax Ballot Question

“The language of the proposed ballot question is ambiguous and will very likely confuse and mislead voters,” said Staci Rubin, Vice President, Environmental Justice, CLF. “This effort comes at exactly the wrong time. With the impacts of the climate crisis becoming clearer by the day, options should be on the table to reduce transportation fossil fuel use and prepare our communities for what’s to come.”

Press Releases
NOAA Issues New Right Whale Protection Rule

“While this rule is a step in the right direction, it does not go far enough or fast enough to stop the precipitous decline of this species,” said Erica Fuller, Senior Attorney at CLF. “We plan to challenge the new rule in court to ensure that right whales recover rather than become an extinction statistic. That means reducing the risk of serious injuries and deaths by at least 80 percent immediately, not fiddling while Rome burns.”  

Press Releases
“Invisible Train” of Gentrification and Displacement Forcing People Further from Their Neighborhoods

“We aren’t just seeing moves. We’re seeing forced moves that are caused by social and economic forces which create ripple effects in communities,” said Reann Gibson, Senior Research Fellow at Conservation Law Foundation and manager of the Healthy Neighborhoods Study. “It’s so important to listen to residents to deepen our understanding of their lived experiences, to identify the data that best captures those experiences, and to interpret the findings in a way that truly demonstrates the impact of displacement on health and wellbeing. We must now use this data to enact real change in these neighborhoods.” 

News Clips Saraya Wintersmith, GBH News
Janey Moves To Withdraw Walsh-Era Waterfront Development Plan

“The waterfront really is — legally — supposed to be a resource for everyone’s enjoyment,” Moran told GBH News. “The last time around, [developers] really drove the conversation because they came to the table with, you know, pretty much a fully baked idea of what they wanted to do. That’s why we have a plan that’s focused on two individual parcels over a 42 acre-wide district,” she said. “I don’t want to see this redo be focused on responding to, or tweaking, the existing proposals. I think we really need to take a step back and take this opportunity to think outside the box — and think about what else is possible.”