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CLF has experts available throughout New England on a variety of local, regional and national issues, including climate change, clean water, environmental justice, ocean conservation and renewable energy. For more information, see our list of experts and contact Jake O’Neill.

CLF Press Releases and News Clips

Press Releases
Winners of Student Art Contest Focused on Protection of Right Whales and Ocean Health Announced

“North Atlantic right whales are in danger of becoming extinct within our lifetime,” said Dr. Priscilla Brooks, Director of Ocean Conservation at CLF. “The contest has been so important in raising awareness of this critical issue and creating a new generation of young advocates who will fight for the protection of right whales and our oceans.”

Press Releases
EPA Proposes Changes to Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule

“The EPA’s proposed definition is a hasty and ill-conceived effort to revoke longstanding, critical protections of the nation’s waterways under the Clean Water Act,” said Heather Govern, Director of CLF’s Clean Air and Water program. “Not only does the proposed rule strip waters of protection for the benefit of a few sectors of industry, but it does so without a basis in law and ignores good environmental policy.”

News Clips Connecticut Mirror
It’s time to update Connecticut’s Bottle Bill

If Connecticut wants to cut disposal and recycling costs, and if the state wants to increase redemption rates, and improve the quality of recyclables to avoid prices tanking in the future, the Bottle Bill is one of the best tools we have.

Press Releases
CLF Statement on Confirmation of David Bernhardt as Interior Secretary

“Bernhardt’s nomination is more of the same from the Trump administration: Another lobbyist who cares only about enriching the fossil fuel industry,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “Bernhardt will undoubtedly open our oceans to offshore drilling and cause irreparable harm to our lands and waters. The senators who voted to confirm him ought to be ashamed.”

Press Releases
New England Clean Energy Connect Project Passes Major Hurdle

“It is imperative that we act now to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions if we are to have any hope of avoiding the most catastrophic impacts of climate change,” said Sean Mahoney, Executive Vice President and Director of CLF Maine. “Replacing energy from polluting fracked gas plants with hydropower will reduce emissions at the scale necessary to make a difference in New England.”

News Clips VT Digger
Jen Duggan: Vermont Legislature must commit to clean water

Clean water belongs to all of us, but we simply won’t have clean water without long-term investment in this shared resource. We are halfway through this legislative session and there is still no clear path for clean water funding. The governor’s proposal falls short on the amount needed to clean up our waters because it relies on existing revenues that are needed for other important state programs. The Legislature has yet to put forth a serious plan to raise the necessary revenue. 

News Clips Elizabeth Dinan, Seacoast Online
PDA faces deadline on key terms to end CLF lawsuit

The Pease Development Authority has a Sept. 20 deadline to complete some terms of a settlement agreement with the Conservation Law Foundation that, if completed, will dismiss a federal lawsuit alleging stormwater from Pease international Tradeport pollutes area waterways.

News Clips Katie Lannan, State House News/WGBH
State Urged To Follow Local Lead On Plastic Bag Ban

Kirstie Pecci of the Conservation Law Foundation said the movement to ban plastic bags is “really rolling right now.” She said advocates are not asking people to give up all plastic products but that most plastic is unnecessary and plastic bags are “one of the most replaceable items and should be the most low-hanging fruit.”

Press Releases
Maine Governor Signs Solar Energy Bill

“Mainers have a right to affordable, clean energy,” said Emily Green, Staff Attorney at CLF. “Strong solar policy helps create jobs, protects our environment, and can lower our energy bills. This bill puts the interests of residents and businesses first, and clears the way for Maine’s clean energy future.”

News Clips Jon Chesto, The Boston Globe
Exxon suffers a big setback in climate-change case involving its Everett oil terminal

CLF’s lawsuit, among other things, accuses Exxon of failing to adequately protect the property from potential floods caused by storms and rising sea waters that could sweep pollutants off the site. The closely-watched lawsuit could have ripple effects that influence the broader oil industry and how it prepares for future storms.

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