President Trump Illegally Stripped Protections for New England’s Marine Monument.

The Northeast Canyons and Seamounts is the only fully protected area in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean, covering about 1 percent of New England’s waters. Fully protected means no commercial fishing, no sand and gravel mining, no oil and gas drilling, no industrial development of any kind. Free from these threats, a rich diversity of ocean wildlife…

Farmland Matters
by Laurie O'Reilly

When a sprawling development threatened an iconic patch of prime farmland, local residents stepped in to stop it.

Can Cod Be Saved?

Overfishing and inept management have driven Atlantic cod to the brink. Now climate change looms. Atlantic cod still have a chance at survival, but it’s not going to be easy.

How to Kill a Power Plant

In 2015, energy giant Invenergy announced its plan to pave over a pristine forest in Burrillville, Rhode Island, to build a 1,000-megawatt fracked gas and diesel oil power plant. For the next four years, CLF and the town of Burrillville fought to keep the polluting behemoth from being built.

Turn off the Gas

Winter snow and ice bring out Big Gas’s fearmongers. Why is the region’s electric grid operator among them?

The Blame Game
by Olivia Synoracki

We can’t allow manufacturers to get away with the false narrative that it’s up to you and me to recycle our way out of the plastic pollution crisis. It’s time to call them out as the real culprits and put the burden on their shoulders, not ours.