Too much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are damaging our climate, causing bigger and more extreme storms, changing our growing seasons, and warming our oceans.

The reality is that we can’t wait for our national government to act to curb the greenhouses gasses that our changing our climate. We have a responsibility – and an opportunity – to lead by taking local action, today, to cut emissions, make polluting businesses pay, and build a new economy based on innovation and clean, renewable energy.

CLF is targeting the biggest carbon polluters in New England. We’re working to shut down our region’s last remaining coal plants and blocking misguided new technologies with large carbon footprints, such as diesel generators and coal gasification. We’ve been instrumental in passing clean cars legislation in every New England state in order to tackle the biggest and fastest growing contributor to greenhouse gases: transportation.

We’re also working to enforce current laws already aimed at cutting climate-warming emissions. We were instrumental in passing the the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, the nation’s first mandatory cap-and-trade program, and we’re continuing to make sure it’s implemented and integrated into other state and regional policies. We helped develop Massachusetts’ wide-ranging Global Warming Solutions Act and now we’re fighting to make sure the groundbreaking law is carried out by the agencies charged with its enactment.

We have a short window of opportunity to adapt to the impacts climate change will have on New England communities. Through our work, CLF is ensuring that New England is doing all it can to slow down the worst effects of climate change – and setting an example for the nation for meaningful action.