CLF Ventures is working to spur investments that are good for the environment.

Impact Funds. Great ideas can flounder when there’s no funding to help make them a reality. CLF Ventures has specific expertise in developing and structuring investment funds to meet environmental, social, and economic development objectives. With our environmental and business acumen, we are uniquely positioned to develop funds around ventures and initiatives that advance environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Through our Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund, we’re spurring investment in low-income neighborhoods to give residents better access to public transportation – and, by extension, jobs, school, healthy food, and more. The Fund also promotes low-impact development and improvements to the built environment that will positively impact residents’ health.

We’re also researching funding vehicles to finance green infrastructure – innovative ways of rethinking our infrastructure to curb stormwater pollution – and facilitate improved stormwater capture.

Managing Metrics. We help entrepreneurs and investors develop and manage metrics that credibly demonstrate the impact of their environmental investments – which in turn helps to promote accountability and attract additional investors to their project. We’re also helping to measure how real estate investments can positively impact the health of our communities with the development of a unique scorecard that can serve as a model for developers across the country.

Advocacy. We’re pushing for market mechanisms that have the potential to rapidly scale up investments that are good for the environment. These could include “green banks” that can provide low-cost, long-term financing for low-carbon projects and food trusts that deliver financing support for businesses bringing fresh food to neighborhoods that currently lack access to healthy options.