The Year Ahead in Washington: CLF’s Federal Ocean Policy Priorities
by Jennifer Felt

The 2018 midterms brought a Democratic majority to the House, giving us new and exciting opportunities for environmental legislation. This Congressional session, CLF’s Oceans team is focused on protecting special places in New England’s ocean, effectively addressing threats facing the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, and promoting sustainable fisheries.

These Three Projects Could Transform Greater Boston’s Public Transit
by Staci Rubin

We’re at a critical juncture when it comes to improving the MBTA. The T has three big projects in the works, all of which are connected: fare increases, a new system for collecting that fare, and improved bus service in greater Boston. These projects are an opportunity to make the system work better for everyone. Here’s how the MBTA can get it right.

The MBTA Has More Work to Do for Riders and the Environment
by Staci Rubin

Two years after the MBTA’s strategic plan was approved, we’re looking into how well the T stuck to its own goals. While the T has completed some of its infrastructure and financial goals, it has a long way to go to meet its accessibility and climate goals.

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Will 2019 be a turning point for the T?

Staci Rubin, a senior attorney at the Conservation Law Foundation, said riders have been patient but their patience is starting to run thin. “It’s really time for customers to start experiencing improvements,” she said.

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Toxic chemicals threaten water supply in seven municipalities

“That standard should probably be set between 1 part per trillion and zero,” said Bradley Campbell, president of the foundation. “That’s where the agencies should end up, if they engage deeply in the science.”

Press Releases
Greater Boston Chamber, CLF, and MBTA Advisory Board Publish First Annual Accountability Report to Assess the MBTA’s Progress on Strategic Plan

“We must make it as easy as possible for people to get out of their cars and choose public transit, and that starts with a system that works for everyone,” said Staci Rubin, Senior Attorney at CLF. “It’s clear that the MBTA needs to focus on protecting the system from climate change and improving accessibility. These aren’t always the most visible projects, but they’re critical if we’re going to have a transportation system that is prepared for the future and doesn’t leave anyone behind.”

Maine Is (Finally) Poised to Act on Climate Change
by Emily Green

CLF’s top priority this session is an important climate bill, An Act to Limit Greenhouse Gas Pollution and Effectively Use Maine’s Natural Resources (LD 797). This bill would ensure that Maine takes action to cut carbon pollution and fight climate change, protecting families and businesses in the state from the worst effects of climate catastrophe while growing Maine’s economy.

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Enviro. Groups Sue Bow Coal Plant For Hot-Water Discharges

The Conservation Law Foundation complaint says Merrimack Station in Bow is polluting the Merrimack River with excess hot water. The nonprofit first announced its intent to file the Clean Water Act suit, along with the Sierra Club, last November.