Is New England Ready for a Hurricane Harvey?
by Deanna Moran

UPDATE: As we head into the Labor Day weekend, Florida is preparing for Hurricane Dorian – which could strengthen to a category four storm by Monday. While we call our loved ones down South with reminders to stay safe, it’s also time to revisit whether or not New England is ready for extreme weather. Our…

Press Releases
Trump EPA Proposes Rollbacks on Methane Rules

“The Trump administration is determined to destroy our planet in an effort to prop up faltering oil and gas giants,” said Greg Cunningham, VP and Director of CLF’s Clean Energy and Climate Change program. “Methane is over 80 times more damaging to our climate than carbon dioxide, and any increase in this dangerous gas only brings us closer to climate catastrophe. These senseless rollbacks are nothing but a giveaway to the dying fossil fuel industry and they will put countless lives at risk.”

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Everyone is recycling wrong, but it’s not your fault

Kirstie Pecci, director of the Zero Waste Project at the Conservation Law Foundation, says the problem with single-stream recycling is that it’s very confusing for the consumers and rules can vary from town to town.

How New England’s Congressional Delegation Can Protect Our Ocean
by Jennifer Felt

New England’s congressional delegation is currently home for the late summer recess. Away from the DC hustle and bustle, it is safe to say that many of our Senators and Representatives are enjoying New England’s ocean and remembering that it’s part of our New England way of life. It’s the perfect time to reinforce the fact that the ocean is essential to the health of our planet – and ask that they take concrete steps to protect it.

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CLF sues to halt Eversource’s Seacoast power line project

The new federal suit alleges construction activity will suspend 1,500 tons of sediment into the bay, causing high suspended-solid concentrations, will release pathogens, contaminants and nutrients into the estuary. It also disputes claims there would be no degradation of the waterway, as well as natural and commercial oyster beds in the area.

A Dog’s Life on the Line: Blue-Green Algae Threatens Pets and People
by Henry the Dog

My name is Henry and, as you can tell from my photo, I’m a dog. Most days, you can catch me doing my dog thing: napping, eating, sleeping, snacking, going for walks with my humans. One of my favorite things to do is heading to the Charles River so I can swim and cool off…

Press Releases
CLF Challenges Seacoast Reliability Project in Federal Court

“Little Bay is a unique resource that is already threatened by water pollution and the climate crisis,” said Tom Irwin, Vice President and Director of CLF New Hampshire. “The project would severely disrupt this sensitive area and cause unacceptable and unnecessary harm to the bay. The Army Corps was required to fully assess the impacts of this project, and it has failed to fulfill that critical duty.”

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Commentary: Mainers can get it right on North Atlantic right whales

Ninety-five surviving females. Twenty-eight whales killed versus 12 calves born. It’s the right time – the only time – to save the right whale. We need to do the right thing. We need to do it now. And we need to do it together.