Wind Power

A Danish Lesson for New England about the Power of Wind
by Seth Kaplan

There was a moment about ten years ago when the building of wind energy facilities, and in particular offshore wind farms, was just getting going in Europe and it appeared that the United States, and New England in particular, would not be far behind.  The Horns Rev project in Denmark was brand new and the…

Dismantling the Latest Legal Delays in the Fight for Cape Wind
by Jerry Elmer

The new year has brought more of the same when it comes to the decade-long battle over the Cape Wind offshore wind energy project proposed to be built in federal waters off the coast of Massachusetts. While Europe continues to leap forward with deployment of offshore wind – tapping into this resource’s unparalleled capacity to…

Disclosure of Maine Offshore Wind Bid Means the PUC Got it Right
by Ivy Frignoca

Earlier this month debate was sparked when Maine Aqua Ventis (MAV) submitted a proposal, to develop an offshore wind farm, to the Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC). MAV, a University of Maine consortium, sought to keep the terms of its proposal confidential unlike previous bids for the project. Seeing this confidentiality as unfair, CLF and…

Press Releases
Leading Non-Profit Organizations and Concerned Citizens Voice Support For a Loan Guarantee for Cape Wind
by Ben Carmichael

From California to Craigsville Beach on Cape Cod, nearly twelve hundred people joined together over the past week to voice their support for Cape Wind’s clean, renewable energy and to oppose the ongoing delays depriving our country of its first offshore wind project. Their comments were directed at the Department of Energy (DOE), which was seeking the public’s input as the agency considers a federal loan guarantee for Cape Wind. The immediate issue before DOE is whether to accept the project’s Final Environmental Impact Statement in its consideration of the loan. The rigorous environmental review has been deemed more than adequate by the country’s leading national, regional and local environmental organizations, including Greenpeace, the National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Sierra Club, Mass Audubon, Conservation Law Foundation and more.

Offshore Wind Energy: Europe and Asia Have It, and We Should Too
by Ivy Frignoca

As of June 2012, the world boasted 4,619 megawatts of installed offshore wind energy capacity, while the United States had none. President Obama and other national leaders like Susan Collins want to change that statistic. The public also increasingly supports clean renewable energy in the wake of frequent severe weather events like Hurricane Sandy caused…

Going Above and Beyond: Deepwater Wind Adjusts Offshore Wind Construction Schedule to Protect Right Whales
by Maggie Williams

Deepwater Wind is taking exciting new steps to build on last month’s historic agreement to protect critically endangered right whales while developing offshore wind projects. The offshore wind developer, expected to begin construction on the proposed Block Island Wind Farm in 2014 or 2015, has announced an agreement to voluntarily adjust its planned construction period…