Clean Air, Clean Water, and Healthy Communities for the People of New Hampshire

With its weathered White Mountains, stunning lakes, rivers, and coast, historic villages and thriving urban centers, New Hampshire offers an unparalleled quality of life – and it’s a place we’re proud to call home.

Our Solutions

For decades, CLF has fought for New Hampshire families and communities – from helping block a four-lane highway through Franconia Notch to stopping construction of a second unit at Seabrook Nuclear Power Station. Today, we put our local knowledge and policy expertise to work to make our air and water cleaner, protect our climate, and create safe and healthy communities for all.

  • CLIMATE CHANGE: We’re shutting down dirty coal, fighting big gas, and saying yes to clean, locally made energy.
  • CLEAN AIR & WATER: We’re leading the charge to protect New Hampshire’s waters, with a focus on restoring the amazing Great Bay estuary.
  • PEOPLE & COMMUNITIES: We’re tackling a problem many have forgotten – childhood lead poisoning – and ensuring a brighter future for New Hampshire’s children.
  • OCEANS: We’re protecting our most fragile ocean habitats and securing the future of our fishing families.
  • HEALTHY COMMUNITIES: We’re helping New England shift to a green economy – one that’s low carbon and sustainable, and that provides opportunities for all.

Our Vision

We’re working towards a New Hampshire powered by affordable clean energy, with air free from dirty pollution… a New Hampshire with waters we all can swim in, fish, and drink from without worry… and a New Hampshire where our homes are safe from toxic poisons and our communities are stronger, more vibrant, and healthier than ever before. This is the future that CLF is fighting to create.

What We’re Up Against

New Hampshire is already feeling the impacts of climate change. Warmer winters are giving us shorter pond hockey and ice fishing seasons. Droughts in the summer are hurting our farmers. And iconic wildlife like moose declining in population.

Pollution also threatens our waterways – and the communities that depend on them for recreation and economic prosperity.

The things Granite Staters enjoy and are most proud of are in danger. That’s why CLF is fighting for change in New Hampshire, holding polluters accountable and ensuring a healthy, thriving Granite State for generations to come.

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