Investing in New England’s Future

We partner with community organizations, public agencies, philanthropy, and private investors to better understand environmental challenges and create new solutions.

Our Solutions

  • RESEARCH: We believe the people most impacted by a problem understand best how to solve it. We combine people power with the power of big data to understand how the environment is impacting people and what we can do, together, to improve it.
  • INVESTMENT: We’re putting research into action through innovative investments that create jobs, protect natural resources, promote clean energy, and create healthy neighborhoods
  • METRICS: We’re developing new tools for screening investments, measuring progress, and monitoring outcomes for economic, environmental, and community health and wellbeing.

Our Vision

We can shift New England to a green economy – one that’s low carbon, sustainable, and provides opportunities for all people across the region. Our people-powered solutions can protect and restore our environment, positively impact community health, and create thriving local economies. This is the New England we’re working to create.