Together, we can ensure a healthy future for New England’s ocean

The ocean plays an integral role in New Englanders’ lives, our economy, and our communities. But pollution, overfishing, and climate change threaten its health and our future.

Our Solutions

CLF has safeguarded New England’s ocean for decades – from blocking oil and gas drilling on Georges Bank, to curbing overfishing, to pioneering smart ocean planning across the region. Today, we’re fighting for a clean, healthy, and productive ocean – for today and for generations to come.

  • PROTECTING SPECIAL PLACES: We’re pushing for the Atlantic’s first Marine National Monument and for permanent protection of our ocean’s most at-risk places.
  • PIONEERING OCEAN PLANNING: We’re working with stakeholders throughout New England to achieve the right balance between ocean protection and development.
  • MANAGING OUR FISHERIES RESPONSIBLY: We’re fighting to restore New England’s legendary fish populations before they vanish for good.

Our Vision

New England’s ocean can once again abound with cod and our fisheries flourish. We can power our homes and businesses with affordable, locally made offshore wind. Our shorelines can be free from pollution and fortified against the impacts of climate change. And our most fragile habitats can be protected forever from overfishing and industrial exploitation. This is the New England CLF is fighting to create.