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April 5, 2024
The climate crisis threatens our lives, economy, land, air, and water. The actions we take between now and 2030 will shape New England’s future and that of our children and...
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January 4, 2024
In the U.S. alone, we send millions of tons of food waste to landfills each year, where that waste produces methane emissions rivaling those from industrial sources.
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September 15, 2023
The fossil fuel industry spent billions to sabotage trust in climate science. Now, they’re spending billions to recast some fossil fuels as clean and sustainable. 
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July 19, 2023
Local farms are a fundamental way to connect communities through a shared love of healthy food.
Conservation Matters Summer 2023
April 27, 2023
Time is running out for us to take significant action in cutting climate-damaging emissions in New England and in the country as a whole. The good news is that we...
CLF 2023 Impact Report
December 19, 2022
Clean water is a fundamental human right, and we at CLF are dedicated to defending it.
Conservation Matters Fall Winter 2022
July 25, 2022
As part of the CLF community, you are combining your voice with thousands of others across our region to push for a healthier and more thriving New England for all....
CLF Conservation Matters
April 4, 2022
Despite the clear and present dangers their oil storage facilities pose, including to communities here in New England, Big Oil has failed to invest in measures to safeguard them from...
CLF Conservation Matters Spring 2022
January 4, 2022
CLF’s unique social investment funds flip that script. With our business, philanthropic, and community partners, we have created a national model for ensuring that change is led by the people...
July 16, 2021
The past year has shown us what we can accomplish when faced with unprecedented upheaval. Now we are focused on driving forward a future that is equitable and healthy for...
Conservation Matters Annual Report