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State Approves East Boston Substation Despite Widespread Opposition

“Approving the construction of this substation is a slap in the face to the East Boston community,” said CLF staff attorney Erica Kyzmir-McKeon. “State officials did everything they could to silence community input on this project, calling necessary translation services ‘disruptive.’ This project will impact the neighborhood for decades to come and it never should have been approved.”

Press Releases
Connecticut School Buses Polluting Neighborhoods

“A company responsible for transporting children safely cannot be allowed to ignore the law,” said Heather Govern, Director of CLF’s Clean Air and Water program. “ All-Star and STA must stop violating anti-idling laws and exposing the public to dangerous levels of tailpipe exhaust. All Connecticut residents have a right to clean air.”

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CLF sues Barnstable over pollution in Lewis Bay

CLF is asking the court to rule that Barnstable is in violation of the Clean Water Act: This would trigger the requirement of a federal permit, which comes with stricter limits on nutrients and other contaminants.

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Hyannis Wastewater Plant Polluting Cape Cod Waters

“Sewage and harmful pollutants are leaking from this wastewater plant directly into nearby estuaries, bays, and streams,” said Christopher Kilian, Vice President of Strategic Litigation at CLF. “For too long, Town officials have skirted legal requirements and taken no action to prevent nitrogen pollution and protect the Cape’s waters. The area’s water pollution crisis demands action now.”

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Lawsuit Aims To Block New N.H. Landfill Permits Under Outdated Trash Plan

“DES has been operating with a state solid waste plan that was published in 2003 and expired in 2009,” Irwin said. “Our lawsuit is designed to require DES to come into compliance with the law, start planning in ways that will allow New Hampshire to begin reducing the amount of waste it throws away, and move New Hampshire away from its current overreliance on landfills.”

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New Hampshire Unlawfully Issuing Waste Permits

“State officials are blatantly ignoring the law and communities are suffering as a result,” said CLF New Hampshire attorney Heidi Trimarco. “The state is legally required to have an updated solid waste plan before approving landfill permits, yet it has green-lighted several landfill expansions since the last plan was completed in 2003. Instead of committing to waste reduction and diversion efforts as part of a new solid waste plan, New Hampshire has become a dumping ground for out-of-state waste.” 

Press Releases
Vermont Environmental Leaders Respond to Governor’s 2021 Budget

“Vermont has a tremendous opportunity to put people and communities at the heart of our COVID recovery. Governor Scott has proposed much-needed funding for critical priorities like clean energy and healthy communities. Our lawmakers need to turn these proposals into reality and make sure these important investments are put into practice for years to come.”- Jen Duggan, Vice President and Director of Conservation Law Foundation Vermont.

3 Ways North Atlantic Right Whales Help Solve Climate Change
by Sophia Ly

From the second they are born to their last breath, North Atlantic right whales help our climate by making our ocean more resilient. We need to push for their protection so that they can do their part in helping to create a greater future for all.

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Plastic and foam ban is still the right policy for Maine

Laws that reduce the demand and availability of plastic products like Maine’s ban on plastic bags and polystyrene foam containers are critical to halting this build out of plastic production facilities. These bans will drastically reduce the harm these products have on the environment, slash the skyrocketing waste management and recycling costs for cities and towns, and cut down on the overall demand for plastics.

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