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Amid MBTA Madness, Bus Riders Continue To Lose

Advocates have been calling for additional transportation funding for years, and those in power have finally taken note. While this funding is much-needed and comes not a moment too soon, it’s time we step up and treat all riders equally, whether they take the bus or the train.

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Reckless Federal Fisheries Bill Introduced in House of Representatives

“If passed, this bill would be a giant step backward for fisheries and fishing communities,” said Dr. Priscilla Brooks, Director of Ocean Conservation at CLF. “We need fishery management practices based on science and accountability that benefit our fisheries, fishing communities, and marine ecosystem. Here in New England, we don’t have to look any farther than the dire state of Atlantic cod for proof that now is the time to bolster our federal fishery law, not roll it back.”

Urgent: Maine Representatives & Senators Fail Right Whales
by Priscilla Brooks

This is outrageous. On Wednesday, the Maine Congressional Delegation put the fate of endangered North Atlantic right whales in the hands of President Trump – a president intent on exploiting our oceans and rolling back critical environmental protections. Earlier this week, three right whales were found entangled in fishing ropes. Another six were found dead last…

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Environmental group sues to force Boston school buses to quit idling

“We are really hoping to impact air quality for communities disproportionately impacted by asthma and upper respiratory diseases that are exasperated by poor air quality,” said Alyssa Rayman-Read, vice president and Massachusetts director for the Conservation Law Foundation. “Boston has disproportionate rates of asthma and upper respiratory problems.”

Ocean Planning Lives on in New England
by Jennifer Felt

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. President Trump revoked the National Ocean Policy last summer, but here in New England, ocean planning – the idea that we can be smarter and more coordinated about how we collectively use and manage our ocean – lives on.

Take Action: Support Legislation to Better Protect Environmental Resources from Development
by Peter Shelley

Natural resources here in the Commonwealth face increasing development pressure, particularly in our coastal areas. While numerous state and local regulations are designed to protect our natural resources, one state law – known as the Dover Amendment – currently creates a potential loophole from local environmental protections when projects are proposed by nonprofit educational and…

Watch: The People’s Harbor
by Deanna Moran

Boston is a quickly growing city, but not everyone is benefitting from that growth, especially along the waterfront. That’s why we’re inviting people to celebrate our public spaces on the waterfront – and our public right to access them.

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Conservationists Sue To Curb Boston School Bus Idling

“Laws are already on the books and meant to protect residents of Massachusetts from the toxic pollution that comes out of tailpipes,” Rayman-Read says. “Let’s enforce them, let’s make them real. Let’s make sure that everyone breathes air that doesn’t make them sick.”

Why Are We Here Again? Standing with Springfield Against Biomass
by Rohemir Ramirez

Springfield, alongside community and environmental organizations like CLF, has been fighting this proposed biomass plant for years. We set the fight aside in 2017 when Palmer Renewable Energy, the company behind the proposal, paused its plans for construction. But now the company is back, hoping that its efforts to weaken state policy will bring its proposal back to life.

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