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EPA Announces Plan to Confront PFAS Pollution

“The EPA’s new plan is a key, first step in the battle to protect communities from these dangerous chemicals,” said CLF President Bradley Campbell. “But PFAS-type compounds of varying names are still being created, used, and released into the environment. The government must go further to stop this assembly line of ‘forever chemicals’ and hold the manufacturers accountable for the widespread contamination of the nation’s air, land, and water.”

Press Releases
Elena Mihaly to Lead CLF Vermont

“We’re at a critical point in determining the future of Vermont,” said Elena Mihaly, Vice President CLF Vermont. “Now is the time to do our part to slash climate emissions, prepare our communities to be resilient in the face of the climate crisis, and ensure our natural resources are protected. I’m eager to get to work leading CLF’s efforts in the State House and the courtroom here in Vermont.”

News Clips Miriam Wasser and Benjamin Storrow, WBUR
Big Oil wants to be Big Wind. Can fossil fuel companies be trusted?

“There’s a real risk that, because of the market power of these companies, they may actually crowd out competitors and ultimately make renewable energy more expensive for consumers,” says Brad Campbell, president of the Conservation Law Foundation.

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CLF Settles Clean Air Act Lawsuit for Almost $2 Million

“Companies must be held responsible when they violate environmental laws and threaten public health,” said Heather Govern, Vice President and Director of CLF’s Clean Air and Water program. “This settlement will reduce children’s exposure to toxic exhaust and ensure cleaner air in Connecticut. It’s time we end unlawful idling and transition away from polluting gas-powered buses.”

Press Releases
Stop and Compare Opens New Market with Funding Boost

“It’s so important that local businesses serving low-income and minority communities have access to affordable financing,” said Maggie Super Church, Vice President of Healthy and Resilient Communities at CLF. “Stop and Compare provides healthy and affordable food to communities sorely lacking these critical resources, and this loan ensures that more Lynn residents will now benefit from everything this store has to offer.”

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Biden will restore protections to East Coast’s only marine national monument

“President Biden’s announcement is a welcome relief after Trump threw science out the window and slashed protections for the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts,” said Peter Shelley, senior counsel at the Conservation Law Foundation, in a statement. “With our oceans in peril from human impacts and the climate crisis, it’s time to protect more areas, not less.”

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