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Vermont Legislature Passes Nation’s Strongest Lead in Drinking Water Law

“The only safe amount of lead for children is zero,” said Jen Duggan, Vice President and Director of CLF Vermont. “This law puts Vermont ahead of every other state in protecting our kids from being poisoned. Lead has no place in our drinking water, and I’m so grateful for the work our legislative champions have done to get the lead out of schools and childcare centers.”

National Research Study Affirms Connections Between Health and Housing
by Maggie Church

New England has a housing crisis – and it’s impacting our health. These are the findings of the latest County Health Rankings, a project of the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The study found that housing affordability and quality are major influencers of health here in New England.

Press Releases
CLF Testifies in Support of Maine Climate Bill

“This legislation will make Maine a national leader on climate change,” said Emily K. Green, Staff Attorney at CLF. “We need bold action to stave off the worst impacts of the looming climate crisis. This bill will slash carbon emissions while protecting businesses and spurring new industries. It’s clear that the time for talk and debate is over. We must pass this law.”

News Clips Alex Kuffner, Providence Journal
A lurking danger for R.I.’s drinking water

“This is a public-health emergency, and we need states to take action now,” said Amy Moses, director of the Conservation Law Foundation in Rhode Island.

Living with Lead Poisoning: One Mother’s Story
by Conservation Law Foundation

This commentary by a Vermont mom in Saint George is being published anonymously to protect the privacy of her child. No level of lead is safe. Vermont legislators are right now considering legislation that would require all schools and childcare centers to test for lead and fix the problem if it’s found.  When our daughter…

Press Releases
Vermont Governor Signs PFAS Protection Law

“Vermonters shouldn’t have to wonder if they’re being poisoned every time they turn on their tap,” said Jen Duggan, Vice President and Director of CLF Vermont. “Until the federal government wakes up and takes these toxic chemicals off the market, it’s up to states to protect us. This law is a huge first step in ensuring Vermonters have safe, clean drinking water.”

News Clips Jon Chesto, The Boston Globe
CLF takes on a fight for industrial uses, this time in Charlestown

Campbell says CLF is championing this cause because of its role as a watchdog of state waterfront regulations, a responsibility that includes designated port areas. He says CLF has become more involved lately because these industrial parcels, and the jobs they support, are under greater threat amid the heat of the real estate market.

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Environment Committee Considers Range Of Climate Bills

“First it creates consistency and predictability in planning for climate risks in state licensing, permitting financing and capital projects,” Deanna Moran of the Conservation Law Foundation testified, in support of the bill. “Second, it requires investor-owned utilities to proactively plan for climate risks.”

The Connecticut Bottle Bill Needs Our Help
by Kirstie Pecci

Connecticut lawmakers are debating a bill right now that would help keep millions of bottles and cans out of Connecticut’s parks, beaches, and streets every year – at no cost to taxpayers. But the bill won’t pass if the plastics industry and big beverage brands get their way.

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