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Conservation Law Foundation Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to Conservation Law Foundation (CLF). CLF does not share, distribute, or sell e-mail addresses or phone numbers. CLF provides personally-identifiable information to its website service provider, Engaging Networks and Blackbaud, Inc., on a strictly confidential basis to enable the software to maintain a membership database, send e-mail messages, and provide other website-related services for CLF. CLF does not sell, rent, or exchange any personal information that you provide to us through the site. However, we may share, on a confidential basis, your personally-identifiable information, as well as a record of transactions you conduct with us, with third-party analytics partners and related service providers to enable us to better understand demographic information about our supporters and website visitors and to advance our environmental advocacy goals, and for no other purpose.

You may opt out of sharing your information with a third party by contacting our membership department at You can opt out of CLF e-mail communications at any time. Each e-mail CLF sends will indicate how to unsubscribe from the list via e-mail or via a web page.

Our website also uses cookies or similar technologies to optimize website performance, collect analytics, display relevant ads on Meta, Google Ads, and other platforms, and remember user preferences. A cookie is a small file generated by a website you might visit that is then stored on your computer and interacts with those sites. We’ve implemented these cookies through Google’s third-party identifier programs, which then enable us to serve content that is tailored and relevant for the individual user both on and across the Google Advertising Network. We also use Google signals data collections, which collects data from signed-in web users who have consented to this association for the purpose of ads personalization. This Google information may include user location, search history, YouTube history, and data from sites that partner with Google. However, this data is always aggregated and anonymized, never traced back to individual users. If you’d like to opt out of this sort of tracking on both and other websites that have similar setups, you may do so at any time through Google.