As a nonprofit, CLF relies on your support to fund our work.

Join us in our fight to build a clean energy future, counter climate change, and safeguard our communities by donating today! With your generous support, CLF is working to:

  • Make New England coal-free by 2020, so our region can lead the way in building an innovative energy economy based on clean, home-grown resources.
  • Permanently protect Cashes Ledge, the beautiful but fragile underwater mountain range in the Gulf of Maine that’s a critical wildlife habitat.
  • Bolster New England farmers and food businesses by helping provide them with pro bono legal support.
  • Enforce the Clean Water Act, to ensure New England’s waters are swimmable, drinkable, and fishable for all.

And that’s just the start. Every victory we achieve is due to your support. We do our work for you – we can’t do it without you.

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Why We Give

Our donors inspire us to never give up, because so much is at stake. We hope their words will inspire you to support our efforts.

Gary Hirshberg

Chair, Stonyfield Farm Londonderry, NH

“Name any of the most pressing environmental challenges facing New England in the past two decades, and CLF has been there, leading the way with innovative solutions and pragmatic tactics for getting things done.”

Gary's Story

Jerry Greenfield

Co-founder, Ben & Jerry’s, Donor Since 1993, CLF Member, Advocate’s Society Williston, VT

“CLF’s regional and local focus sets it apart in New England. CLF has the ability to connect with people locally in a place like Vermont at the same time that it acts on a larger regional scale.”

Jerry's Story

Honor Passow

Donor Since 2010, CLF Member, Advocate’s Society Etna, NH

“Our family sees supporting CLF as one important aspect of acting on our sense of responsibility for our environmental impact.”

Honor's Story

Linda Cabot

Donor Since 2004, CLF Member, Advocate’s Society, and Ocean Conservation Program Donor Westwood, MA

“CLF works every day to protect the New England coast that is an important part of my life, and I support CLF because they’re very effective in what they do and they get results.”

Linda's Story

Louise Durfee

Donor Since 2001, CLF Member, Rhode Island Advisory Board, and Charles Cabot Society Member Tiverton, RI

“I believe that CLF’s tireless advocates have the skills to fight for and protect our environment: they are there when you really need them.”

Louise's Story

Chris Morahan

Donor Since 2005, CLF Member, Employer Matching Gift Participant Needham, MA

“Supporting CLF enables us to stay current with the issues affecting the region, learn about ways we can contribute and provide needed resources for this important mission.”

Chris's Story

Chi Ho Sham

Donor Since 2009 | CLF Massachusetts Board Member | Expert in Drinking Water Source Protection Massachusetts

“Using law as an instrument to protect the environment and public health of New England, on the basis of sound science, sets CLF apart from other environmental organizations in the region.”

Chi Ho's Story

The Barr Family


“We need CLF at the table when government representatives feel pressure from lobbyists and corporations whose interests aren’t necessarily in creating policy that favors the residents of Maine and New England.”

The Barr Family's Story

Your Support at Work

CLF is committed to putting your gift to work where it matters most – advocating for the people and communities of New England.