As a nonprofit, CLF relies on your support to fund our work.

Join us in our fight to build a clean energy future, counter climate change, and safeguard our communities by donating today! With your generous support, CLF is working to:

  • Make New England coal-free, so our region can lead the way in building an innovative energy economy based on clean, home-grown resources.
  • Permanently protect Cashes Ledge, the beautiful but fragile underwater mountain range in the Gulf of Maine that’s a critical wildlife habitat.
  • Bolster New England farmers and food businesses by helping provide them with pro bono legal support.
  • Enforce the Clean Water Act, to ensure New England’s waters are swimmable, drinkable, and fishable for all.

And that’s just the start. Every victory we achieve is due to your support. We do our work for you – we can’t do it without you.

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Why We Give

Our donors inspire us to never give up, because so much is at stake. We hope their words will inspire you to support our efforts.

Tami Nason

Donor since 2016, Member Advocates Society, New Hampshire State Advisory Board Member Bethlehem, New Hampshire
Tami's Story

Nate Hausman and Christine Hertz Hausman

Donor since 2014, CLF Legal Intern 2010 Montpelier, VT
Nate's Story

Andrew and Priyanka Bobenski

Donors since 2016 Roslindale, MA

To preserve these New England treasures, we must continue to step up as their advocates and protectors, which is why we support CLF.  

Andrew and Priyanka's Story

Summer Zeh

Advocates Society Member, Donor since 2017, Cavers Legal Intern 2007 Newton, MA

“I have been a lifelong environmentalist. My parents and grandparents instilled in me a love and respect for nature and the environment, and I am continuing that legacy with my own family.”

Summer's Story

Gordon Hall

Member of Board of Trustees, Maine State Board, CLF Ventures, Cabot Society Member since 2000 Marblehead, MA
Gordon's Story

Alison Hildreth and Daniel Hildreth

Donors since 1970, Advocates Society Members, and Maine State Board Member (Daniel) Falmouth, ME
Alison's Story

The Ramos Family

Donors since 2020 Bristol, RI
The Ramos Family's Story

Bonnie Christie

Champions Club Member Hopkinton, NH
Bonnie 's Story


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Your Support at Work

CLF is committed to putting your gift to work where it matters most – advocating for the people and communities of New England.