July 22, 2024

5 Questions for Marina Vaz

by Adilson González Morales

Passion for fashion and ready to take action! Meet Marina Vaz, CLF’s environmental justice community advocate, and learn about her vision for the future of Nashua.

Headshot of Marina Vaz, CLF's environmental justice advocate in Nashua, NH.
July 22, 2024

Boston Cyclists Deserve Better

Biking and the infrastructure to support it should be an integral part of Boston’s climate and transit vision. They should go hand in hand with reducing carbon pollution and increasing transit equity.

A woman bikes in a bike lane in Boston
July 19, 2024

Guest Blog: Mardi Fuller’s Top Picks for Swimming in New England

Climate change is making New England’s summers hotter and heat waves longer. But finding a swimming hole to cool off isn’t easy for everyone. We asked Mardi Fuller about accessible and equitable access to swimming spots and about her top picks for beaches and lakes across the region. Mardi advocates for racial equity through writing,… Continue reading Guest Blog: Mardi Fuller’s Top Picks for Swimming in New England

Three women walk together along a beach
July 19, 2024

Maine’s Climate Progress Not as Rosy as the State Would Like You to Think

by Rishya Narayanan

Maine still needs to drastically cut carbon pollution to meet its legal obligation under the climate law.

A view of the statehouse against the clear sky.
July 18, 2024

Beach Cleanups: Why Do They Matter and How to Make Yours Count 

New Englanders love a perfect beach day. But the trash that lines our coast from Connecticut to Maine is less than perfect. By pitching in to do a beach cleanup, beach lovers can make a significant difference in preserving our region’s natural beauty. Check out these tips to keep your favorite beach crystal clean.

Photo of beachfront and ocean with litter and other ocean trash. Photo taken prior to a beach cleanup.
July 17, 2024

A Missed Opportunity for Climate Resiliency

We won’t accept polluted water, dangerous heat, and unpredictable energy costs as foregone conclusions in our communities—and our banks shouldn’t either. Instead, banks should work to enrich our communities with long-term, sustainable solutions that will improve residents’ health and welfare.

clipboard with the words Community Reinvestment Act
July 11, 2024

Progress Report: Offshore Wind in the Gulf of Maine

by Sarah White

CLF is fighting to develop offshore wind in the Gulf of Maine while protecting our natural resources and coastal communities.

Row of offshore wind turbines
July 11, 2024

Recycling Bin to Incinerator; The Dirty Truth About Plastic Bags

Single-use plastic bag recycling seems like the right thing to do, but only a tiny portion of our plastic bags get recycled. Mostly, they end up being incinerated, or piled up in landfills, where they slowly break down into microplastics.

a woman puts a plastic bag into a recycling bin.
July 10, 2024

Robert King on the Power of Water

by Pam Reynolds

Robert King has nursed neglected dams back to health for more than 30 years. He says his story shows how regular people concerned about climate change can make a difference.

Robert King stands atop a dam
July 9, 2024

Climate Lawsuits Launched By Youth Reflect A Need for Action

In June, the state of Hawai’i agreed to cut carbon emissions in a historic climate case settlement. This is a big win with implications for communities in New England and beyond.

Youth around the country are taking to the streets to protest for climate action