CLF is fighting for a healthy climate and resilient communities across New England.

The science is clear: If we don’t collectively cut climate-damaging emissions to net-zero by 2050, our health, our economy, and our children’s future will suffer.

Our Solutions

We can and must transition our economy to one run on clean-renewable energy – while ensuring that no New Englander is left behind. But we won’t get there through individual actions alone. That’s why CLF is tackling the root causes of the climate crisis and pushing clean energy solutions at the state and regional levels.

Today, we are:

  • CUTTING FOSSIL FUELS: We’re fighting for laws that will end our region’s addiction to fossil fuels for good. And we’re saying yes to innovative ideas that will slash climate-warming emissions regionwide by 2050.
  • BUILDING OUR CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE: We’re pushing for economy-wide change through policies and projects that boost low-cost local clean energy, save families and businesses money, and create good-paying jobs.
  • AVOIDING THE NATURAL GAS TRAP: We’re stopping unnecessary new gas infrastructure and pushing for concrete utility-scale plans to phase gas out before it can sink our region’s climate goals.
  • GETTING READY FOR CLIMATE IMPACTS: We’re making sure our communities can bounce back from the climate fallout we can no longer avoid – so New Englanders can not only survive but thrive in a changing climate.  

Our Vision

We’re working towards a New England powered by affordable, homemade energy, with a thriving economy built on innovation and invention – a New England where our communities are healthy and safe and our environment fortified against the impacts of our changing climate. This is the future CLF is fighting to create.

What We’re Up Against

Climate change is taking the very things that we all love most about New England and turning them on their heads. Bigger and more erratic storms are flooding our streets and costing us millions of dollars in disaster clean-up costs. More intense heatwaves are threatening our health, triggering respiratory problems, heat exhaustion, heart attacks, and more. Warming waters are pushing fish and other species north, while warming temperatures could shift and compromise growing seasons for core New England crops, from maple syrup to blueberries.

As a region, we’re not yet ready to deal with many of these impacts.

With coal and oil on the way out, dirty gas now dominates our energy system rather than locally made renewables. Our local food system, while growing, still supplies barely half of what we consume. Our town and city streets are unprepared for the intensity of today’s storm and floodwaters. The most vulnerable among us are at risk from heat, extreme weather, and high fuel costs. And, while we now have binding climate laws in five out of six New England states, they have yet to be fully implemented and enforced.

To truly create systemic change on the climate crisis at the local, state, and regional levels, it will take an extensive toolbox of skills in the law, policy, and the markets – the very skills that CLF has spent more than 50 years developing and honing.