CLF is fighting for a healthy climate and resilient communities across New England.

Climate change is the most pressing issue of our time. Its impacts will be felt around the world, and we here in New England will not be immune.

Our Solutions

Climate change is not a new challenge for CLF. We’ve been working to address its root causes for decades and have played a part in critical milestones to curb its progress. We helped design the country’s first cap-and-trade program, shut down dirty, outdated coal plants across the region, and pushed for the development of new, clean energy projects.

Today, we are:

  • BUILDING OUR CLEAN ENERGY FUTURE: We’re pushing for policies and projects that boost low-cost locally made clean energy, save families and businesses money, and create jobs.
  • AVOIDING THE NATURAL GAS TRAP: We’re stopping unnecessary new natural gas pipelines and making sure new gas power plants don’t sink our region’s climate goals.
  • CUTTING CARBON: We’re fighting to shut down New England’s remaining dirty coal plants that harm our health and pollute our climate. And we’re saying yes to innovative ideas that will slash our region’s climate-warming emissions.

Our Vision

We’re working towards a New England powered by affordable, homemade energy, with a thriving economy built on innovation and invention… a New England where our communities are healthy and safe and our environment fortified against the impacts of our changing climate. This is the future CLF is fighting to create.