We are protecting clean water in New England – for today and for future generations

Here in New England, water is a way of life. Our rivers, streams, lakes, and ocean boost our economy, inspire our play, and enrich our heritage.

Our Solutions

For 50 years, CLF has fought to keep New England’s waters clean and healthy. It’s how we made our name – forcing polluters to clean up the dirty waters of Boston Harbor and turning the city’s shame into one of its most prized resources. We’ve taken the lessons learned from that hard-won victory and put them to work all across New England. We hold polluters accountable and push for enforcement of clean water laws at the local, state, and federal level. Today we are:

  • CLEANING UP STORMWATER POLLUTION: We’re fighting for new protections and creative solutions to keep stormwater pollution from wreaking havoc on our communities.
  • CURBING NUTRIENT POLLUTION: We’re working state by state, waterbody by waterbody to control nitrogen pollution and prevent dead zones and toxic algae blooms.
  • ENFORCING THE LAW: We’re holding polluting businesses accountable to the Clean Water Act, one polluter at a time – and helping out local communities with every win.

Our Vision

New England’s waters can be free of contamination and toxic pollution. We can have waters you can swim in, fish, and drink from without worry. We can have rivers, lakes, and streams where fish are bountiful. We can have shorelines that are resilient to climate damage. This is the New England CLF is fighting to create.