A Healthy and Thriving Massachusetts for All

Massachusetts is a state of extraordinary range – from our miles of coastline to the western mountains, our dense hardwood forests to our working farms, our thickly settled city neighborhoods to our rural village greens.

Our Solutions

CLF has fought for Massachusetts’ people and communities for 50 years. We’ve cleaned up Boston Harbor, shut down dirty coal plants, and forced the Commonwealth to modernize its public transit system. Today, we’re putting our local knowledge and legal expertise to work to make our air and water cleaner, protect our climate, and create safe and healthy communities for all.

  • CLIMATE CHANGE: We’re fighting big gas and saying yes to clean renewable energy and greater energy efficiency across the state.
  • CLEAN WATER: We’re leading the charge to protect Massachusetts’ waters by holding polluters accountable for illegal stormwater discharge that damages our waterways and endangers our health.
  • OCEANS: We’re protecting our most fragile ocean habitats and securing the future of Massachusetts’ fishing families.
  • PEOPLE & COMMUNITIES: We’re fighting for access to affordable public transit for all and bolstering our local farmers and food entrepreneurs with free legal help so their businesses can thrive.
  • MARKET STRATEGIES: We’re helping New England shift to a green economy – one that’s low carbon and sustainable, and that provides opportunities for all.

Our Vision

We’re working towards a Massachusetts powered by low-cost, clean energy, with air free from dirty pollution and waters you can swim in, fish, and drink from without worry… a Massachusetts with a flourishing ocean untainted by pollution where fish are bountiful and our shorelines resilient to climate change… and a Massachusetts with neighborhoods where you can easily walk and bike to the grocery store and work – and where everyone has easy access to public transit. This is the future that CLF is fighting to create.

What We’re Up Against

We’re already feeling the impacts of climate change here in Massachusetts – from warming ocean temperatures to more intense storms and a longer growing season. Business-as-usual approaches to how we generate and use electricity, manage our oceans, and sustain our communities simply won’t work any more.

Thanks to CLF, Massachusetts’ polluting and outdated coal plants will soon shut down for good – making our air cleaner and our communities healthier. But now a new threat looms. Big Gas wants us to trade dirty coal for another polluting fossil fuel: natural gas. And they want to deliver it by building massive, oversized pipeline right through our backyards.

Polluting, outdated fuels aren’t the only threat to our climate and our communities. Exhaust from cars and trucks pollutes our air and endangers our health – and it’s the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the state.

Sea-level rise could devastate our coastal communities, and warming waters threaten the health of our marine wildlife – and the livelihoods of our fishing families. At the same time, polluted runoff is damaging our waterways – and the communities that depend on them for recreation and economic prosperity.

These are big challenges, yes. But CLF never backs down because a challenge is too big. We’re fighting for our friends, neighbors, and allies to ensure a healthy, thriving Massachusetts for generations to come.

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