CLF in Action

CLF’s experience, our tenacity, and our reach across New England mean we can move the needle on the toughest environmental problems where others cannot.

Power transmission lines at sunet
CLF is working with New England communities and our partners to reform ISO-New England so it supports, rather than obstructs, our clean energy transition.
We're opposing these toxic ways of disposing of trash.
We're tackling transportation from all sides.
ExxonMobil's climate neglect puts local communities in danger.
We're turning promises into meaningful climate action.
Right whale
This magnificent whale is on the brink of extinction.
single-use packaging
Our environment is drowning in a flood of single-use packaging.
We're updating our electric grid for the 21st century.
Shell Oil is putting Providence and the iconic Narragansett Bay at risk.
New Englanders don't need this dirty fossil fuel.
White sponge skeleton and pink star fish at the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument
Stand up for the Atlantic's only marine monument: the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts.
Tailpipe pollution
Tailpipe pollution wreaks havoc on our health.