Clean Air, Clean Water, and Clean Energy for the People of Vermont

Vermont doesn’t have a lock on stunning natural settings, but, really, does it get any better than what we have every day? From rugged Camel’s Hump to iconic Lake Champlain, our rural villages to our compact cities, Vermont is our home and it’s the place CLF has pledged to protect with all the passion and expertise that we have.

Our Solutions

Here in Vermont, CLF stands up to polluters and never gives in until the job is done. We shut down the polluting Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant, stopped the sprawling Circ Highway before it destroyed rural landscapes, and, most recently, helped pass landmark legislation to clean up Lake Champlain. Today, we are using our local knowledge and policy expertise to make our air and water cleaner, protect our climate, and create safe, resilient, and healthy communities for all.

  • CLEAN WATER: We’re leading the charge to protect Vermont’s waters, with a focus on restoring our iconic Lake Champlain and ensuring that our waters and infrastructure are resilient in the face of climate change.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE: We’re keeping climate-warming fuels like oversized natural gas pipelines in check while saying yes to clean, home-grown energy and greater energy efficiency measures.
  • PEOPLE & COMMUNITIES: We’re fighting unchecked sprawl that threatens precious farmland and making it easier for city dwellers to grow food in their own backyards.
  • MARKET STRATEGIES: We’re helping New England shift to a green economy – one that’s low carbon and sustainable, and that provides opportunities for all.

Our Vision

We believe a healthy and thriving Vermont is possible for all. That’s why we’re working towards a Vermont powered by low-cost, locally made clean energy, where dirty fuels have been left behind and our economy is healthier than ever before. We’re working to make Lake Champlain and all Vermont waters free of toxic blue-green algae blooms, so you can swim, boat, and fish without worry. And we’re working to assure our forests and our waters are able to withstand the impacts of climate change.

What We’re Up Against

Vermont stands at a crossroads. Polluted runoff from agricultural lands and poorly planned development is dumping phosphorus and other toxic poisons into our waters – including our “great lake,” Lake Champlain. Sprawl threatens rural landscapes and endangers our way of life. And damage from climate change is putting the things we love most about Vermont – from our moose and maple syrup, to our rivers and lakes, to our farms and forests – at risk.

CLF is fighting hard to protect our state’s way of life and ensure a healthy, thriving Green Mountain state for generations to come.

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