A Healthy and Thriving Rhode Island for All

Rhode Island is a destination for people from around the world, who travel here to explore our history, sail our waters, and enjoy our beaches. But for us, it’s home – a place CLF has pledged to protect with all the passion and skill we have.

Our Solutions

CLF has fought alongside Rhode Islanders for decades to protect our Ocean State – we’ve blocked dirty coal plants, smoothed the way for the nation’s first offshore wind farm, and fought for healthy waters. Today, we are putting our passion, local knowledge, and policy expertise to work to make our air and water cleaner, protect our ocean, and create safe and healthy communities for all.

  • CLEAN WATER: We’re leading the charge to protect Rhode Island’s waters, holding polluters accountable for unchecked runoff that forces beach and pond closures.
  • CLIMATE CHANGE: We’re keeping climate-warming fuels in check, making our cars greener, and blazing the right path to harness renewables sources such as offshore wind and solar.
  • PEOPLE & COMMUNITIES: We’re fighting toxic air pollution from the Johnston Landfill, which is hurting the people who live in its shadow.
  • OCEANS: We’re working hand-in-hand with partners and stakeholders to protect ocean wildlife and habitats – and the coastal communities that depend on them.
  • MARKET STRATEGIES: We’re helping New England shift to a green economy – one that’s low carbon and sustainable, and that provides opportunities for all.

Our Vision

We believe a healthy and thriving Rhode Island is possible for all. That’s why we’re fighting for a Rhode Island powered by low-cost, local clean energy, with air free from contamination… a Rhode Island with waters you can swim in, fish, and drink from without worry… and a Rhode Island with a flourishing ocean untainted by pollution where fish are bountiful and our shorelines resilient to climate damage.

What We’re Up Against

Rhode Island’s waterways and coastline are critically linked to the health of our economy and our way of life. But pollution and climate change threaten to undermine both. Simply maintaining the status quo when it comes to energy, managing our waters, and sustaining our communities isn’t good enough anymore.

CLF has already blocked dirty coal plants from being built here – helping to make New England almost entirely coal-free. But now the next climate threat looms. Big gas wants us to trade coal for another polluting fuel: natural gas. And they want to build an unnecessary new power plant in Rhode Island to make our homes and businesses even more dependent on dirty energy.

But it’s more than just our air and climate at risk. Sea-level rise could devastate our coastal communities, while warming waters will damage the habitats our marine wildlife need to thrive. At the same time, polluted runoff threatens our waterways – and the communities that depend on them for recreation and economic prosperity.

Day in and day out, CLF is protecting Rhode Island by overcoming our region’s greatest environmental obstacles.

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