Together, we can support thriving and healthy communities for people across New England.

What does it take for a community to thrive? It starts with clean air and clean water and access to good jobs, education, and health care. It also takes safe and affordable transportation choices, local green spaces, and easy access to fresh, healthy food.

Our Solutions

For 50 years, CLF has fought to create healthy communities for people across New England. It’s how we made our name: returning a clean Boston Harbor to the people and connecting more of us to reliable public transportation. Since then, we’ve helped stem childhood lead poisoning, fought for additional funding for better public transit, shut down dirty power plants throughout the region, and helped clean up and ensure better access to the Mystic River. Today we are:

  • FIGHTING FOR ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: We’re working to end the unfair environmental burdens imposed on low-income and communities of color and bolster the quality of life for all New Englanders.
  • MODERNIZING TRANSPORTATION: We’re cutting pollution from our cars and trucks, creating alternatives to driving, and pushing for better and more affordable public transit options across New England.
  • GROWING OUR LOCAL FOOD ECONOMY: We’re helping build a regional food system that supports access to fresh healthy food, creates jobs, cuts emissions, protects farmland, and grows our local economy.
  • COMMUNITY LAWYERING: We’re working with environmental and climate justice partners to change the balance of power and decision-making on environmental, climate, and public health issues that impact communities. 

Our Vision

We believe that all New Englanders have the right to clean air and clean water. Everyone should have easy access to fresh, healthy food, and be connected to an affordable public transit system. And every community should have the tools to make our neighborhoods more resilient in the face of our changing climate. This is the New England CLF is fighting to create.