Jul 21, 2022

From Promises to Action

Just as CLF helped to lead the passing of landmark laws in almost every New England state, we must now watchdog their implementation. Because the consequences if these laws languish are too dire to be ignored.

Boston Skyline with Turbine
Jul 20, 2022

Shame on the House’s Kraft land grab

The economic development bill passed by the House of Representatives presents the latest case-in-point.  Quietly tucked into the bill was an amendment that would exempt an enormous parcel of land in Everett from state laws that govern waterfront development and protect the public trust. 

Jul 13, 2022

The Supreme Court’s Recent Blow to National Climate Action Spurs Our Fight Locally

The Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia is a setback, to be sure. But it is also a reminder of the importance of action at the regional, state, and local levels – action that we have been leading here in New England for more than a decade as we waited – and waited – for federal climate rules to come into play.

Trump's Clean Power Plan Replacement would worsen climate and air pollution
Jul 12, 2022

MA Supreme Judicial Court Rules for CLF in Municipal Harbor Plan Case

“As we’ve been saying for years, the state’s MHP process is fundamentally flawed,” said Deanna Moran, Interim Vice President of Healthy and Resilient Communities at CLF. “The developer-driven Downtown MHP would have resulted in less public access to one of the city’s greatest treasures – Boston Harbor. Today’s ruling makes it clear that it’s time to center waterfront planning on public access and community input, not developer profits.”

Jul 12, 2022

UnitedHealth Group Commits $25 Million to New England
Healthy Neighborhoods Fund

“For too long, low-income communities have been excluded from investments in healthy and sustainable housing and small businesses,” said Gina Foote, director of Impact Investment at Conservation Law Foundation. “With help from UnitedHealth Group and the Healthy Neighborhoods Equity Fund, that’s finally beginning to change. This investment will lead to more vibrant and inclusive neighborhoods across southern New England.”

Jul 11, 2022

The Truth About “Advanced Recycling” Systems

So-called “advanced recycling” is a ruse. The term is part of a larger disinformation – or greenwashing – campaign. That campaign’s goal: to distract lawmakers and the public from real solutions to the world’s plastic crisis.

Jul 01, 2022

Michelle DeSilva

Michelle DeSilva comes to CLF with experience in investments, nonprofits, philanthropy and the environment.  She started her career in investments at Fidelity Investments and Thomson Reuters, and directed an angel investing firm in the Midwest.  Michelle later worked extensively with community foundations in strategy and branding, and advising financial advisors, estate planning attorneys and their… Continue reading Michelle DeSilva

Jun 06, 2022

It Takes Two: Zero Waste Laws are Stronger When Working in Tandem

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to our waste crisis. Getting to zero waste means using all the tools in the toolbox. Bottle bills and producer responsibility for packaging laws happen to be two of our best tools, so let’s use them both.

Photo of sorted recyclable materials
Apr 08, 2022

Community Servings

Learn how CLF’s Healthy Retail and Commerce Fund helped support Community Servings and the impact they expect to see on community, health and the environment.

Apr 08, 2022

Stop and Compare

Find out how CLF’s Healthy Retail and Commerce Fund helped Stop and Compare, a Latinx, family-owned supermarket business that offers high quality and diverse foods at affordable prices.