Feb 17, 2017

Whose Side Will Scott Pruitt Really Be On?

Scott Pruitt is more than just a threat to our environment – he’s a threat to our economy, our safety, and our entire way of life. The stakes are too high to stand idly by. CLF is ready for the fight.

Photo: Scott Pruitt
Dec 28, 2016

Building Healthy Communities One Neighborhood at a Time

For a neighborhood to truly thrive, it needs healthy people, a healthy environment, and a healthy economy with opportunities for all. Improving neighborhood environments can boost health, but traditional financing sources simply aren’t capable of addressing those needs at a project level. Recognizing the complex challenges of building healthy and sustainable communities, three years ago,… Continue reading Building Healthy Communities One Neighborhood at a Time

Nov 30, 2016

Conservation Matters Fall 2016

Celebrating 50 Years of CLF Going Low-Carb Transforming New England’s Energy System Coal-Free New England Community Voices: The Clean Energy Landscape Web of Deceit Holding ExxonMobil Accountable for Its Decades of Climate Denial Community Voices: A Message to ExxonMobil A Tale of Two Rivers Boston Harbor 2.0 The New Frontier in the Fight to Save… Continue reading Conservation Matters Fall 2016

Aug 15, 2016

Maine Voices: PUC, LePage Spurn Consumers While Granting Gas Industry’s Pipe Dream

… What has happened to the Maine Public Utilities Commission? It used to be a respite from politics, relying on a strong staff, expert opinion and transparent analysis to guide Maine’s energy policy. But recent decisions show that our current PUC has little regard for its staff or the opinions of the expert consultants it… Continue reading Maine Voices: PUC, LePage Spurn Consumers While Granting Gas Industry’s Pipe Dream

Jul 27, 2016

Cap on T Fare Hikes is Lowered

… Advocates for more public transportation cheered the governor’s approval of the Legislature’s language. “There’s been a lot of confusion over many years about how fares can go up, and this will give us clarity,” said Rafael Mares, a vice president of the Conservation Law Foundation. “This is such an important change that it would… Continue reading Cap on T Fare Hikes is Lowered

Jul 19, 2016

Maine Regulators Approve Natural Gas Pipeline Expansion, Rejecting Staff Recommendation

… That’s because the Conservation Law Foundation has argued that the state doesn’t have legislation authorizing one. “If Massachusetts cannot move forward than that presents a substantial obstacle to Maine actually going forward with the contract because they constitute a significant portion of the load in the region,” Tettlebaum says. Read more here…