Oct 12, 2023

Coventry Landfill Violating Law

“The owners of this landfill are blatantly ignoring the law and robbing Vermonters of the right to weigh in on a project that will affect public health and the environment,” said Nora Bosworth, Zero Waste Attorney at CLF. “State laws exist for a reason, and the Coventry landfill can’t be allowed to continue operating this system in defiance of the law. It’s time for the Agency of Natural Resources to step in.”

landfill with garbage trucks
Sep 08, 2022

New report: “The Need to Enforce: Waste Ban Regulations in Massachusetts”

“We need to move away from burying and burning, and towards reducing, reusing, and composting,” said Staci Rubin of Conservation Law Foundation. “A sustainable future means reducing burdens on communities of color and low-income residents who shoulder the brunt of waste disposal. We don’t need to invent any new technologies, we just need the Commonwealth to devote resources to education and enforcement.”

Smoke coming out of smokestacks.
Aug 29, 2022

New Hampshire’s Inadequate Draft Solid Waste Plan

“After DES blatantly ignored the law requiring an updated waste plan, any progress is a step in the right direction,” said CLF New Hampshire attorney Heidi Trimarco. “But this draft plan is inadequate and uninspiring. Instead of demonstrating leadership and providing the guidance New Hampshire needs, DES has provided just a laundry list of recommendations, without any real steps to actually achieve them.”  

landfill with garbage trucks
May 12, 2022

CLF Prevails on Critical Issue in Appeal of Bethlehem Landfill Permit

“We’ve been saying for years that there is simply no need for this facility, and today the Waste Management Council agreed,” said CLF staff attorney Heidi Trimarco. “This ruling makes clear that the state cannot permit new landfills that aren’t needed to satisfy New Hampshire’s disposal needs. It’s an important decision not only to get the state off its current landfill-expansion treadmill but also to prevent the continued influx of out-of-state waste.”

2018 Press Conference to stop Bethlehem Landfill expansion
May 05, 2022

NH Senate Passes Landfill Siting Bill

“All landfills pollute our air and put our waters at risk of toxic contamination,” said Tom Irwin, Vice President of CLF New Hampshire. “New Hampshire’s lakes, rivers, and coastal waters belong to all of us, and this bill, if signed into law, will dramatically increase protections for these valuable resources. The House, and then Governor Sununu, should support this important legislation.”

landfill with garbage trucks
Apr 20, 2022

Governor Mills Signs Critical Waste Bill Into Law

signed a new law that closes a loophole allowing out-of-state waste to be buried in the Juniper Ridge Landfill in Alton, which is only supposed to accept trash from Maine. Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) released the following statement in response.

“Dumping out-of-state waste at this landfill violates the law and harms the health of nearby communities,” said Peter Blair, Zero Waste Attorney at CLF. “This landfill has been burying thousands of tons of construction and demolition debris for years through this loophole and that will finally come to an end. Legislators and Governor Mills deserve credit for putting Mainers’ health over corporate profits.”

Landfill construction and demolition debris
Feb 11, 2021

New Hampshire Unlawfully Issuing Waste Permits

“State officials are blatantly ignoring the law and communities are suffering as a result,” said CLF New Hampshire attorney Heidi Trimarco. “The state is legally required to have an updated solid waste plan before approving landfill permits, yet it has green-lighted several landfill expansions since the last plan was completed in 2003. Instead of committing to waste reduction and diversion efforts as part of a new solid waste plan, New Hampshire has become a dumping ground for out-of-state waste.” 

landfill with garbage trucks
Mar 11, 2020

Will New Hampshire Be A Dumping Ground for the Region? (Not If We Can Stop It)

We all know the trash we throw away is a disaster for our environment and communities. From landfills growing into mountains of waste to incinerators spewing toxic pollutants to the pollution of our water and air (including climate-damaging emissions) – the impacts of waste disposal are not only disturbing, but they’re also avoidable. For decades… Continue reading Will New Hampshire Be A Dumping Ground for the Region? (Not If We Can Stop It)

2018 Press Conference to stop Bethlehem Landfill expansion
Nov 21, 2019

Noise Control at Wheelabrator Saugus

“It’s about time the state got around to addressing one of many severe public health issues posed by the Wheelabrator Saugus facility,” said Kirstie Pecci, Director of the Zero Waste Project at CLF. “But requiring a study is totally inadequate and does nothing to compensate the community for the suffering this facility caused all summer. The community will only be protected when this toxic facility shuts down for good.”

Wheelabrator Power Plant Photo