James Crowley

Staff Attorney CLF Rhode Island @JamesCrowleyRI

James Crowley is a Staff Attorney for CLF Rhode Island, where he works in the Clean Water & Healthy Forests and Clean Energy & Climate Change programs. Prior to joining CLF, he worked for nonprofit organizations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts providing legal services for the indigent in housing, employment, and consumer protection cases.

James received his JD from Columbia Law School, where he served on the staff of the Columbia Journal of Environmental Law. James holds a BA in Political Science and Philosophy from the University of Rhode Island. He is admitted to practice in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and before the United States District Courts for the Districts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Recent Posts

Is Rhode Island Really Making Progress on Climate?
According to Rhode Island’s most recent greenhouse gas emissions inventory, the State has already cut its climate-damaging emissions more than 10% below 1990 levels. But there’s reason to question that finding. A recent report shows that the State has been drastically underestimating the amount of dirty gas leaking from its aging gas infrastructure. Additionally, the…
Finding Balance in Siting Solar Energy Projects
In the past few years, the pace of solar energy development in Rhode Island has accelerated tremendously. As recently as 2011, the state had only 1.2 megawatts of installed solar capacity – enough to power just about a thousand homes. Today, improvements in technology, state programs like Virtual Net Metering and Renewable Energy Growth, and…
Polluted Runoff is Putting Rhode Island Waters at Risk
Stormwater runoff polluted by oil, dirt, and toxins while flowing over streets and parking lots is one of the biggest threats to clean water today. Densely populated states with lots of paved surfaces, like Rhode Island, are most vulnerable to its dangerous impacts. Runoff can lead to big issues for local waterways, including toxic blue-green algae…


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