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Samantha Salamone

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Sam Salamone joins us as a paralegal supporting the Oceans and Clean Energy and Climate Change teams. Sam was born and raised twenty minutes north of Boston in the town of Wakefield. In 2021 Sam graduated from the University of Vermont where she completed a dual degree in political science and environmental studies.

Sam joined AmeriCorps after graduation, serving a year as a Legal Advocate for the Volunteer Lawyers Project. Prior to joining CLF, Sam served as a paralegal with the Massachusetts Attorney Generals Office in the Trial Division where she focused on land use litigation. Sam also serves on an advisory board for the non-profit, Project Green Schools, an organization that she credits as the inspiration for her career path.

Sam currently lives north of Boston with her cat, Evelyn. In her free time, you can find her outside, snowboarding, doing yoga, or reading a new thriller book!