Mar 05, 2020

Maine’s Most Vulnerable Children Left at Risk from Lead Poisoning

State and federal laws mandate that Maine test 100% of the toddlers covered by MaineCare for lead poisoning. The actual screening rates fall far short of that target, leaving our most vulnerable children at risk of lifelong harm. Maine needs to step up and follow the law.

Lead poisoning test
Jan 08, 2020

Maine Needs to Act Now to Protect Us from Toxic “Forever” Chemicals

The Maine PFAS Task Force recently released a draft of its recommendations for how to protect residents from these dangerous chemicals, but they fall well short of the bold action that is needed. But there are still opportunities for legislators and regulators to make a difference.

Mar 29, 2019

Maine to Study Toxic “Forever” Chemicals

In a move welcomed by advocates for safe and clean drinking water, Governor Janet Mills has established a task force to assess the scope of PFAS exposure and contamination in Maine.

Nonstick pans are among the everyday household products made with toxic PFAS chemicals.
May 09, 2018

When It Comes to Climate Change, the Kids are Alright

In Maine, 33 elementary- to high-school-age kids have forced the Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to consider regulating climate-damaging emissions. These kids, joined by CLF, hundreds of registered voters, and other environmental organizations, filed a petition that requires the DEP to hold a public hearing – scheduled for May 15, 2018  – on the need for and scope of such regulations.

Maine youth