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Cape Cod Water Pollution

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Trump Administration Dismantles Critical Water Protections

“Today the President said clearly and unequivocally that ensuring Americans have access to clean and safe water is not on his to-do list,” said Christopher Kilian, Director of CLF’s Clean Water and Healthy Forests program. “Repealing this critical protection not only defies the broad-based will of the American people, but it also places our region’s wetlands, streams and coastal estuaries at risk. New Englanders deserve better, and CLF stands ready to fight this catastrophic action at all costs.”

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Sandwich’s plan for water quality shaping up

… All of the Cape’s 15 towns are working toward coming up with watershed plans under a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency agreement that was reached last year with the Cape Cod Commission under threat of a lawsuit by the Conservation Law Foundation. … Read more here…


Massachusetts is a state of extraordinary range – from our miles of coastline to the western mountains, our dense hardwood forests to our working farms, our thickly settled city neighborhoods to our rural village greens.

Focus Areas
Clean Air & Water

Here in New England, water is a way of life. Our rivers, streams, lakes, and ocean boost our economy, inspire our play, and enrich our heritage.

Conservation Matters Articles
Clean Solutions for Dirty Water
by Laurie O'Reilly

Our most iconic waterscapes – Cape Cod, Great Bay, Lake Champlain, and Narragansett Bay – are slowly being choked by nutrient pollution. Nutrient pollution is traced to fertilizer runoff from agriculture and lawns, animal waste from factory farms, and overflowing sewage. CLF is fighting against nutrient pollution and for clean water in New England.

Conservation Matters Articles
Progress Report: Clean Water
by Laurie O'Reilly

When it comes to clean water in New England, two big challenges stand in the way: nutrient pollution and stormwater runoff. CLF is working to solve these challenges by pushing local and state governments and the EPA to enforce clean water laws and hold polluters accountable for their damage.

Press Releases
Conservation Law Foundation and EPA Announce Settlement of Cape Cod Nutrient Pollution Lawsuits

Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) filed a Settlement Agreement today, which provides stricter monitoring of the Areawide Water Quality Plan, a major wastewater management plan for the peninsula. If approved by the court, the proposed settlement provides the legal framework for resolving CLF’s two Clean Water Act lawsuits against the EPA for failing to take actions to reduce harmful nitrogen pollution on Cape Cod.

Hidden in Judge’s Ruling on Cape Cod Water Pollution: A Slap to EPA’s Hand on the Clean Water Funding Spigot
by Caitlin Peale Sloan

A recent federal court decision in Conservation Law Foundation’s and Buzzards Bay Coalition’s lawsuit against EPA addressing nitrogen pollution in Cape Cod bays has major implications for the way local water pollution control projects are funded in the Commonwealth. The impact of nutrient pollution on the streams and bays of Cape Cod was identified as…