Conservation Matters Summer 2018

The prosperity of future generations of New Englanders depends – economically and culturally – on the health of our waters and marine resources and the public’s ability to access them. That’s why CLF is launching a new campaign to restore water quality and eliminate harmful nitrogen pollution on Cape Cod bays. It’s why, from Lake Champlain to Mashapaug Pond in Rhode Island, we are working to stop the pollution feeding a dramatic rise in toxic blue-green algae outbreaks. And it’s why we are pushing to ensure that the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale not only survives but thrives.

Saving Cape Cod’s Waters
CLF is fighting to clean up the Cape’s ailing waters before nitrogen pollution pushes them past the point of no return.

Progress Report
Saving Right Whales, Right Now

Five Questions
Jen Duggan, Vice President and Director, CLF Vermont

Why We Give
Linda Deegan and Chris Neill

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