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The Path to a Clean Lake Champlain is Still Unclear
by Rebekah Weber

While there’s still a long road ahead, CLF is cautiously optimistic about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new pollution limits for Lake Champlain. These new limits – also known as a Total Maximum Daily Load or TMDL – dramatically reduce the amount of pollution allowed to enter the lake. The limits focus specifically on phosphorus…

Press Releases
EPA Takes Big Step Toward Cleaning Lake Champlain

“Nobody should have to think twice before letting their kids swim or their dogs play in Lake Champlain, but years of neglect have taken their toll on the health and vibrancy of this vital waterbody,” said CLF Lake Champlain Lakekeeper Rebekah Weber. “Today, EPA took a big step toward addressing the rampant over-pollution and under-enforcement of our lake. While there’s still more work to be done, we are on the right track to ensuring our children will have the opportunity to enjoy and treasure Lake Champlain as we have been fortunate to do.”

Vermont’s Water is Still Really Gross…
by Rebekah Weber

We’re working on it. Last year, Vermont passed a clean water law to help cut down on the pollution and erosion that harms our rivers and lakes. Its enactment is none too soon as the changing climate is only heightening our water woes with increased rainfall and rising temperatures. This new law – Act 64…

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After Feedback From Small Farms, State Delays New Water Quality Standards

… Rebekah Weber, the Lake Champlain Lakekeeper at the Conservation Law Foundation, says CLF also is disappointed by the delay. Weber says the organization will use the extended timeline to push for more stringent Required Agricultural Practices. “The RAP’s list of authorized activities in buffer zones, for example, including grazing, fertilizer application and harvesting, we…

Efforts to Restore Lake Champlain

CLF’s decades-long push to clean up and restore Lake Champlain has led to iconic victories for the lake. Here are just a few of our recent victories: CLF’s Pollution Budget Lawsuit Influencing Vermont’s Clean Water Act Best Management Practices Program Pushing for Sustainable Agriculture Community Outreach

Threats to Clean Water in Lake Champlain

CLF is working to address the threats to Lake Champlain and waterways across New England, including: Excessive Nutrients Excessive nutrients, namely phosphorus and nitrogen, have impaired Lake Champlain. Washing off farm fields, roads, parking lots, and eroded stream banks, these nutrients enter the lake and overfeed algal populations, resulting in toxic blue-green algae blooms. Blooms…