May 31, 2023

Lake Advocates Say Vermont Has Botched Regulating Pollution on Dairy Farms

“In order to achieve the monumental phosphorus reductions we need to clean up the lake, we need a functioning system to regulate those farms,” said Elena Mihaly, director of the Conservation Law Foundation in Vermont. “We have a lot of concern that the structure right now is not set up for success.”

Sep 01, 2022

5 Questions with Julie Silverman, CLF’s Lake Champlain Lakekeeper

As CLF’s Lake Champlain Lakekeeper, Julie Silverman is helping to weave together a complex fabric of people and places working to protect and restore Lake Champlain and the network of rivers and streams that flow into it. What drew you to Lake Champlain? I grew up close to the lake, spending summers swimming, sailing, waterskiing,… Continue reading 5 Questions with Julie Silverman, CLF’s Lake Champlain Lakekeeper

Julie Silverman, Lake Champlain Lakekeeper
Sep 02, 2020

Vermont Issues Key Water Protection Permit

“As Vermont works towards a rebound of tourism, clean water is a vital part of a healthy economy,” said Zack Porter, Lake Champlain Lakekeeper at CLF. “Future generations of Vermonters are counting on us to get this work done now, and officials have dragged their feet long enough. It’s time to get to work making sure this critical rule is properly implemented.”