Clean Power Plan Gets Its Day in Court
by Megan Herzog

Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit is hearing oral arguments in a monumental climate change case. At issue is the Clean Power Plan, the most ambitious action ever taken by the federal government to control carbon emissions and tackle global climate change. The Clean Power Plan outlines the first-ever…

Feds Announce Bold New Strategy for Offshore Wind Development
by Phelps Turner

In the latest step toward implementing President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, the Department of Energy (DOE) and Department of Interior (DOI) have issued a joint National Offshore Wind Strategy aimed at accelerating the deployment of large numbers of wind turbines off the coast of New England, in the Great Lakes, and along other parts of…

This Week on September 19-23
by Allison Lorenc

September 19 – What happens when you fish too long and too hard in one spot? – Science clearly supports a need for better ecosystem-based management. Localized depletion of forage fishes has real, adverse impacts on the forage species itself, on the rest of the ocean ecosystem, and on coastal communities. New England Fisheries, by Les Kaufman. …

Faces of Ocean Planning: Cape Cod’s Self-Reliance
by Aimee Bushman

The nonprofit’s renewable energy goals are likely to be bolstered by the implementation of the Northeast Regional Ocean Plan. For more than 35 years, Self-Reliance (formerly Cape and Islands Self-Reliance) has worked to educate Cape Cod residents, businesses, and neighborhoods on the economic benefits of renewable energy. Through the implementation of unique “energy action plans,”…

My Latest Column: Let’s Celebrate! It’s National Estuaries Week
by Jeff Barnum

What do you get when you combine Great Bay, Little Bay, the Piscataqua River and tributaries, and the Hampton-Seabrook estuary? Answer: estuaries of national significance – taken together they are one of only 28 designated, as such, in all of the United States. And, in case you didn’t know, September 17–24 is National Estuaries Week.…

CLF Files Motion to Dismiss Invenergy Case (Again)
by Jerry Elmer

The tide may be turning in the Invenergy case. On Tuesday, September 13, the Town of Burrillville filed a Motion to Dismiss the Invenergy Docket. This was important because the Town Council had been widely seen as being very supportive of the Invenergy proposal. The Town’s Motion is based on the fact that Invenergy has…

Listen Up Maine, The People Have Spoken, They Want More Solar
by Emily Green

The Maine Public Utilities Commission has done it again, acting against the best interest of Maine’s citizens and businesses by proposing a new rule that will limit the growth of solar energy in Maine. Maine already lags well behind the rest of New England and the country on solar development and this new rule will…

A Historic Moment for New England: A Marine National Monument in the Atlantic!
by Bradley Campbell

With Marine National Monument designation in the Atlantic, President Obama seals conservation legacy President Obama is making history today, announcing the designation of the Northeast Canyons and Seamounts Marine National Monument, which will become the only fully protected large marine area in the U.S. Atlantic Ocean. Until today, zero miles of the U.S. Atlantic were…

Great Bay Faces Serious Pollution Threats, But CLF is Fighting Back
by Tom Irwin

Great Bay, the Piscataqua River, and all the waters making up our Great Bay estuary are at the core of what makes our Seacoast communities so special.  Whether kayaking in Little Bay, hiking on Adams Point near Great Bay, or hitting the beach with my kids at Odiorne, I feel lucky to have experienced just…

National Drive Electric Week 2016: Much to Celebrate, But More Work Still Ahead
by Megan Herzog

The sixth annual National Drive Electric Week started on Saturday. Communities across the country are hosting events to celebrate electric vehicles – commonly called “EVs” – and share the experience of EV ownership. The benefits of EVs are certainly cause for a party. Compared to a conventional gasoline-powered car, EVs have lower fuel and maintenance…

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