This Week on – October 5-9

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October 6 – Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, October 6 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, President Obama announces the first new marine national sanctuaries in 15 years; President Obama says he will protect more U.S. waters; new research shows many young fish are moving north as ocean waters warm; NOAA delays the deadline for industry-funded at-sea monitoring; UNE receives federal funding for Atlantic cod research; GMRI is hosting a workshop on improving stock assessments; CT Senator urges New York to support pesticide legislation to help lobster population; and will seaweed be New England’s next big local food? In the News, by Talking Fish. October 7 – Council Delivers Blow to River Herring in New England – The New England Fishery Management Council voted in favor of read more…

Clean Water Hearing in Vermont on November 12

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On November 12, Secretary Chuck Ross from the Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets will hold a hearing to provide the public with an opportunity to comment on a new program to implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) on farms in the Missisquoi Bay basin as well as St. Albans, Otter Creek, and South Lake watersheds. The program, which was designed by the agency in conjunction with CLF, is an important step towards achieving federally mandated phosphorus reductions by requiring site-specific conservation practices beyond current standards. While implementing BMPs will necessitate a stronger commitment to clean water, the 10-year timeframe to put practices into place will ensure the farming community can plan ahead and obtain assistance. Supporting this new program at the hearing is crucial to its success because Secretary Ross read more…

Protecting Act 250 and Important Vermont Farmland

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We recently sent this e-mail to Vermont supporters as a continuation of the work by Conservation Law Foundation, Preservation Trust of Vermont, and Vermont Natural Resources Council, to uphold Act 250 and protect important Vermont farmland... read more..

Call Your Senators Today to Save Ocean Treasures!

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Please, call your Senators today with this urgent message. Just a few minutes of your time could help create a remarkable legacy of protected areas for future generations. read more..

Could an Electric Car Be in Your Future?

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Cars. They cost a lot and pollute a lot. One exciting new opportunity to address both these problems are electric cars. They’ve come a long way. Gone are the days when the Toyota Prius was the only hybrid available to consumers. My interest in this was recently sparked at a gathering I attended of electric car owners and local car dealers on a sunny Vermont evening. The event, put on by Drive Electric Vermont, brought dozens of electric and hybrid vehicles to Shelburne so that those of us who don’t currently drive electric vehicles to get a glimpse of what we’re all missing. Electric vehicles have boomed in the last five years. No matter where your loyalty lies in terms of car manufacturers, there is now an electric car for you. read more…

This Week on – September 28-October 2

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September 28 – River Herring at Risk in New England Waters – While the New England Fishery Management Council has established yearly limits on the allowable river herring bycatch from the Atlantic herring fishery, the Council is currently considering an increase in these river herring catch caps. Protecting Ocean Ecosystems, by Mandy Helwig. September 29 – Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, September 29 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, NOAA Fisheries released a draft Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management Plan; New England fishermen worry about black sea bass; read the story of a 23-year old female fisherman; oysterman James Bloom is appointed to Connecticut’s Aquaculture Advisory Council; comments on reducing scallop fishing days will be accepted until Sunday; Cape Cod Times says national monument designation a boon for nature; read more…

See for Yourself How Polluted Stormwater Reaches Mashapaug Pond

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It’s raining in Providence right now. And that means water is running across the city’s rooftops, roads, and parking lots, picking up pollutants like oil and animal waste, and depositing them into water bodies like Mashapaug Pond. The term for this polluted rainwater is stormwater runoff, and it’s one of the reasons Mashapaug Pond has been unfit for swimming and fishing for decades. I’ve told you before about CLF’s lawsuit seeking to fix this problem by getting EPA to curb pollution from stormwater runoff, as the Clean Water Act requires.  Now, though, I’d like to show you what this runoff looks like. This morning I visited Mashapaug Pond and took some videos of water running into the pond from the industrial park on its northwest shore. Below, you can watch read more…

Setting the Record Straight: Marine Monuments Have a Long, Proud Legacy

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Former Conservation Law Foundation Staff Attorney Roger Fleming, who is now a part of the Oceans litigation team at EarthJustice, details how the National Monument establishment process through the Antiquities Act serves the public’s interest.  By Roger Fleming One hundred-nine years ago this week President Teddy Roosevelt created the first national monument, protecting the magnificent Devil’s Tower formation in Wyoming. Since then, sixteen presidents – eight from each party — have used the power granted by Congress in the Antiquities Act to create more than 115 monuments protecting the nation’s natural and historic heritage on land and at sea, from the Statue of Liberty to the Marianas Trench. Now we have a chance to see that proud tradition in action again to protect a national treasure right here in our backyard read more…

Legal Services Food Hub Celebrates First Year Helping Farmers and Food Businesses Thrive

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  It’s been just over a year since CLF’s Legal Services Food Hub launched, matching farmers, food entrepreneurs, and the organizations that support them with pro bono legal services. We are pleased to share our Annual Report highlighting the accomplishments of the Legal Services Food Hub over the last year. It has been an incredibly successful first year. The Hub now operates in Massachusetts and Maine, and we’ve matched nearly 60 lower-income farmers, food entrepreneurs, and farm- and food-related nonprofits with free legal assistance. Click here to view the Annual Report and to learn more about some of the farmers and food entrepreneurs we’ve assisted. Also, you can download our professional farm and food legal guides here for free. These guides were published in partnership with Harvard Law School and read more…

Last Week on – September 21-25

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September 22 – Fish Talk in the News – Tuesday, September 22 – In this edition of Fish Talk in the News, NEFMC Habitat Committee meets tomorrow; NEFMC Council meeting is next week; RI DEM investigates menhaden die-offs; RI oyster festival promotes local oysters and composting; NH Senator hosts meeting regarding at-sea monitoring; NOAA announces commercial scup quota increase; NOAA announces no change to surfclam and quahog quotas; and UNE signs letter of intent to sponsor marine business incubator. In the News. By Talking Fish September 23 – Why is Managing Fish in the World’s Oceans Like an Episode of ‘I Love Lucy’? – Fish scientist Jason Link says he often feels like he’s living the classic chocolate factory episode of the 1950s TV show “I Love Lucy,” in which Lucy and Ethel read more…