Across New England, too many polluters are getting away with contaminating our air and water.

Today, with our federal government failing to enforce clean water and air laws, CLF’s role as legal watchdog is more important than ever. The pollution coming from industrial facilities, which is often laden with toxic and cancer-causing contaminants, is further damaging our already severely compromised waterways. Violators of our clean air laws are spewing hazardous fumes that contain more than 40 kinds of pollutants that contribute to asthma and other respiratory diseases. 

CLF is protecting our communities by forcing polluters – whether it’s a scrapyard spilling chemicals into the water or a bus company spewing tailpipe pollution into our neighborhoods – to comply with the law.

When CLF wins or settles a suit, we hold polluters accountable in a unique way. They fund a supplemental environmental project, or SEP, that provides money for valuable research and restoration projects in their community.

So far, our Environmental Enforcement work has generated more than $1,000,000 in funding for local environmental protection and restoration projects. These projects – implemented by dozens of local groups – benefit public health and the environment in communities from the Great Bay Watershed in New Hampshire down to Cape Cod and the Long Island Sound. See what the SEPs are helping to fund on the Mystic River and along Cape Cod.