New England has been a leader in ending our addiction to coal and oil but we are in danger of trading one climate polluting addiction for another, natural gas.

We must move forward on climate action by moving to low- and no-carbon energy sources now. We can power and heat our homes with natural gas today while actively working to bring more renewable energy online to make our clean energy future a reality today.

CLF is pushing to stem the irrational exuberance for natural gas currently overtaking New England. We’re showing how criss-crossing New England’s landscapes with pipelines that make the region even more reliant on this polluting fuel is not a win for our communities or the climate. And we’re working to make sure that any new gas power plants that are built be required to cut their climate-warming emissions over time.

We know that natural gas’s low prices make it alluring in the short term. But there’s nothing inexpensive about natural gas or the massive investments proposed for the Northeast. Sinking consumer funds – dollars coming out of your wallet and mine – into infrastructure that will further entrench our reliance on this climate-polluting fossil fuel is simply a bad investment all around. It’s the kind of investment for which our children and grandchildren will be paying for decades to come, unless we speak up and take action now.