New England has been a leader in ending our addiction to coal and oil but we are in danger of trading one climate polluting addiction for another: gas.

We must move forward with climate action by moving to low- and no-carbon energy sources now. Gas helped to serve as a bridge as we worked to bring more renewable energy online to power our homes and businesses. Now, it’s time to put an end date on gas or risk our climate future. 

Our current over-reliance on gas harms our climate, costs us money, and puts our health and safety at risk. That’s why CLF is working to:

  • Block new or expanded gas plants and pipelines in partnership with affected communities. Criss-crossing New England’s landscapes with pipelines and power plants that make the region even more reliant on this polluting fuel is not a win for our communities or the climate. 
  • Pass binding laws in every New England that require the ratcheting down of climate-damaging emissions by 2050 – including from gas power plants. 
  • End policies that favor dirty gas over clean, renewable energy sources like solar and wind, including at our regional grid operator.
  • Create incentives for homeowners to install clean heat technologies like electric heat pumps and induction stoves rather than polluting gas furnaces and appliances.

Big Gas has spent millions of dollars painting its dirty product as an inexpensive, climate-friendly fuel. But there’s nothing inexpensive about natural gas. Sinking consumer funds – dollars coming out of your wallet and mine – into infrastructure that will further entrench our reliance on this climate-polluting fossil fuel is simply a bad investment all around. It’s the kind of investment for which our children and grandchildren will be paying for decades to come unless we speak up and take action now.