December 27, 2022

Explainer: Freeing the Kennebec River

by Adilson González Morales

Removing four obsolete dams on the Kennebec River is an urgent next step that will improve the health of the Gulf of Maine, enhance riverfront communities, and bring back millions of sea-run fish, including endangered Atlantic salmon.

A dam on the Kennebec River in Maine
December 14, 2022

Victory: Vermont Agency Adopts Rules for more Electric, Pollution-Free Vehicles

by Dale Azaria

As I’m writing this, in the beginning of December, I can’t help but think about how mild Vermont’s weather is right now. We’ve got some rain, small flurries, and chilly temperatures, sure – but nothing like the December snow I remember even just a few years ago. My kids and I could count on great… Continue reading Victory: Vermont Agency Adopts Rules for more Electric, Pollution-Free Vehicles

Two diagonal rows of electric busses from an aerial view.
December 12, 2022

A Victory 32 Years in the Making

by Staci Rubin

The Green Line extension to Medford is finally here. Today, after 8 years of delays, a new branch of the Green Line – consisting of five stations reaching out into Medford – opened its doors to riders.

CLF staff celebrate outside the new Medford/Tufts Green Line extension station.
December 7, 2022

How Many Times Must a Community Say No?

by Laurie O'Reilly

Update, December 2022: In 2021, a permit needed to build the Palmer biomass plant was revoked by state officials. Palmer appealed that decision in an effort to have it overturned. Last month, Palmer lost that appeal. We’re revisiting our 2021 conversation with Tanisha Arena, executive director of Arise for Social Justice, about why this fight… Continue reading How Many Times Must a Community Say No?

December 5, 2022

With COP27 Global Climate Conference a Bust, We Must Fight Harder Here at Home

by Bradley Campbell

COP27 demonstrated once again that in the absence of leadership and accountability, good intentions on climate are no match for the power wielded by the fossil fuel industry.

COP27 graphic
November 29, 2022

Utilities Must Act Now to Protect Us from Climate Fallout

by Johannes Epke

Fixing emergency power outages can cost electricity companies millions of dollars – costs they pass on to their customers. It is time for utility companies to update and reinforce their infrastructure to make it more capable of withstanding these storms.

A home with power lines covered in snow
November 21, 2022

Is Vermont Prepared for the Rain and Flooding Climate Change Is Causing?

by Julie Silverman

Vermont can do more to protect residents and communities from the devastating impacts of flooding.

Lake Champlain flooded businesses in 2011
November 18, 2022

What Do the Election Results Mean for New England?

by Jake O'Neill

The 2022 midterms captured national headlines for weeks. We asked CLF experts how the results will impact climate action and environmental justice in New England.

November 3, 2022

The Truth about Biofuels

by Rishya Narayanan

Are fuels derived from crops and waste good climate solutions at scale? Short answer: No. Here’s why.

Biofuels, like those created from soybeans, are not a climate solution at scale.
November 2, 2022

Our Regional Grid Operator Misleads New Englanders, Once Again 

by Phelps Turner

A recent piece by Anne George, Vice President of Public Relations for ISO-New England, calls CLF’s critiques baseless. Here’s why she’s wrong.

As we contend with skyrocketing energy prices, ISO-New England is telling us we need more expensive fossil fuels.