August 15, 2022

Regenerative Agriculture Can Help New England’s Farmers and Our Climate

The way we grow our food has a big impact on our climate. Changing how we farm can help our climate rather than harm it.

Farmer harvesting zucchini
August 9, 2022

Here’s why New Hampshire Electricity Prices are Doubling This Summer

by Nick Krakoff

Our addiction to fossil fuels paired with state policy heavily influences how hard electricity prices hit our wallets.

August 8, 2022

Rhode Island Legislators Acted on Climate, Clean Energy, Plastic, and PFAS

by Darrèll Brown

CLF’s forceful advocacy paid off in this year’s Rhode Island legislative session with laws passed to help our climate, stop plastic pollution, and safeguard our drinking water from toxic chemicals.

strong climate laws can help protect New England from climate change
August 8, 2022

A Tale of Two Rivers

by Laurie O'Reilly

In one part of Boston, there’s the Charles River. In another, the Mystic. Both were once heavily polluted. But where the Charles has become the poster child of environmental success, the Mystic tells a different tale – one that exposes a region divided along racial and economic lines. 

Charles River and Mystic River
July 29, 2022

Stellwagen Bank Is a National Marine Sanctuary, But Is It Truly Protected?

by Priscilla Brooks

As the federal government takes action to restore and conserve our nation’s lands and waters, strengthening protections for National Marine Sanctuaries must be a priority.

Humpback whale jumping out of the water in Stellwagen Bank
July 15, 2022

Third Time Must Be the Charm to Help Cod Make a Comeback

by Allison Lorenc

Federal fishery managers denied CLF’s petition to end overfishing and rebuild Atlantic cod. Now, New England fishery managers begin a third attempt to save cod.

Atlantic Cod fish
July 13, 2022

The Supreme Court’s Recent Blow to National Climate Action Spurs Our Fight Locally

by Bradley Campbell

The Supreme Court’s decision in West Virginia is a setback, to be sure. But it is also a reminder of the importance of action at the regional, state, and local levels – action that we have been leading here in New England for more than a decade as we waited – and waited – for federal climate rules to come into play.

Trump's Clean Power Plan Replacement would worsen climate and air pollution
July 12, 2022

Three Generations of Right Whales Lost – Here’s How We Can Do Better

by Adilson González Morales

More than three generations of North Atlantic right whales have been lost to the threat of entanglement. The solutions to save these vulnerable species exist and it is up to us to ask our leader for better protections for these majestic animals.

Entangled North Atlantic Right Whales with search and rescue team NOAA
July 12, 2022

New England Needs California’s Clean Trucks Rules – Here’s Why.  

by Rishya Narayanan

Slashing polluting emissions from medium- and heavy-duty vehicles is a critical part of our climate fight.

Clean trucks include these electric school buses
July 11, 2022

The Truth About “Advanced Recycling” Systems

So-called “advanced recycling” is a ruse. The term is part of a larger disinformation – or greenwashing – campaign. That campaign’s goal: to distract lawmakers and the public from real solutions to the world’s plastic crisis.