New Englanders are proud of our rich heritage of farming and fishing.

Our local food culture ranges from artisanal cheeses to fresh Maine lobster, Vermont maple syrup to Pioneer Valley orchards. Today, our region’s farmers, food entrepreneurs, consumers, and other stakeholders are building on our heritage to create a new vision for our region’s food future.

Healthy food is valuable in its own right, and local food production is also good for our economy and our environment. That’s why CLF is working to shape and foster a sustainable local food system to help all New England communities thrive.

To create a robust food economy, we’re looking at our regional food system through many lenses. We’re working to address the inequities between small local growers and large-scale industrial agriculture companies – while also striving to balance the inequities between more affluent populations living close to well-stocked supermarkets and lower-income, largely urban populations lacking easy access to fresh, healthy food.

CLF also focuses on the impacts on our climate of how we grow, raise, and transport our food – and the ways that our changing climate will affect what we grow in New England and when.

Building on CLF’s long track record of successful policy reform, we are developing and advancing local, state, regional, and national policy reforms that better support farm and food enterprises – while also working to reduce legal hurdles for sustainable food production in New England.

By building a thriving, resilient regional food system we can help increase fresh food access, create jobs, reduce carbon emissions, foster healthy communities, and support regional economies – the hallmarks of a truly thriving New England.