We can create a robust local food economy that supports farmers and makes healthy, affordable food more accessible to all.

Healthy food is valuable in its own right, and local food production also benefits our economy and environment. That’s why CLF is working to shape and foster a sustainable local food system to help all New England communities thrive.

We’re looking at our regional food system through many lenses to create a robust food economy. 

  • We connect small farmers, food start-ups, and the organizations that support them with free legal help regionwide through our Legal Food Hub. By helping to bring economic stability for these small businesses, we can increase local food production and build a more just food system for all New Englanders. 
  • We strive to improve access to healthy and affordable food no matter where you live. Growing food in city neighborhoods, for example, boosts fosters community engagement, creates jobs and business opportunities, and adds green space in our neighborhoods.
  • We also focus on the impacts on our climate of how we grow, raise, and transport our food, including supporting our farmers as they adopt growing practices that lower and absorb carbon pollution.

By building a thriving, resilient regional food system, we can help increase fresh food access, create jobs, cut carbon emissions, foster healthy communities, and support regional economies – the hallmarks of a truly thriving New England.