To confront the threat of climate change, New England must shift its energy economy to one built on clean, renewable sources.

Fortunately, innovation and creativity aren’t new to New Englanders and our region has plenty of wind, sun, and water on which to build and grow our clean energy economy.

The reality is that clean, affordable wind and solar power that can power our homes and businesses is already here. As use of these renewable sources grows, and as more of us have the opportunity to choose clean local energy, we will not only improve our climate, but also make the air we breathe and the water we drink cleaner – bolstering our health and strengthening our communities in the process.

To keep local, clean energy growing, CLF is supporting policies in each New England state that provide critical incentives for its generation. These include renewable portfolio standards (RPS) programs, which require that a certain amount of electricity be generated from renewable sources, and the lifting of caps on net metering, in which utilities compensate customers who generate power with rooftop solar panels.

CLF is also advocating for critical transmission upgrades so new renewable energy projects can connect to the regional electricity grid and supply homes and businesses throughout New England with affordable, clean power.

Local, low-cost energy is no longer a question of when – it’s here now and it’s already making a difference in New England.